Différence entre bises bisous et je t'embrasse Question sur la signification de je t'embrasse ou bisous . - bladi info. Be warned. Join Yahoo Answers … In this context, it’s similar to “Love” or “Kisses” in English. Dernier message posté le : 09/01/2010 à 01h07 alanis10 08/01/2010 à 16h57 Alerter Répondre Répondre à alanis10 Copier le lien Le lien a été copié dans votre presse-papier Bonjour tout le monde et bonne année les nanas!! I’m delighted I came across your site and was wondering if you or any of your readers can give me some advice about recruitment in Switzerland. quelle est la différence entre dire : je t'embrasse, bisou ou bise ? Why you should hang on to your COVID vaccination card, Elvis Presley's granddaughter becomes a 'death doula', Nuggets coach breaks down reading Colo. victims' names. Still have questions? la trace que ça doit laisser ! Bise ou bisou. It means “to fuck”. Awkward. Get your answers by asking now. quelle différence faites vous entre bises, bisous, gros bisous Les smileys je suis curieuse de voir s'il y a des différences entre femme et homme bonne soirée. Pa exemple les “biz“, “bises“, sont souvent envoyés aux amis. Source(s): difference bises bisous: https://shortly.im/JZB7D. . 12 réponses. Bisous is more friendly and affectionate, and are real kisses where the lips touch the skin. Lv 7. il y a 9 ans. Maybe those laid-back continentals just don’t experience awkwardness; there is no word that directly correlates to “awkward” in French, after all. You can even experiment it when you’re used to it since your childhood, I promise! Lv 7. Personnellement je ne fais pas de différence du tout entre bises et bisous, surtout quand je les donne ou les recois. Then there’s the question of what to do with the rest of your body while you’re touching cheeks with someone, often someone you are not particularly close to. Et que je te claque la bise. =) 5 0. Lv 7. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. One of the most common problems is whether to go for the right cheek or left cheek first. Misjudging distance and bumping cheekbones a bit too hard, so that what was meant to be a friendly greeting ends up hurting both parties? How to put this delicately? Une bise = a kiss on the cheeks (like in, faire la bise à = to kiss somebody on the cheeks). Here in Vaud, at least, you don’t actually KISS a person’s cheeks, you weirdo! Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Your description of the awkwardness that can result from the “bises” was hilarious!! 0 0. I would say starting with the right cheek (my instinct) is marginally more common than the left, but it really depends on the person, and where they come from. Un bisou/les bisous = exact meaning of the word 'kiss'. Generally we exchange bises when we kiss on the cheek, though a familiar word for kiss is also bisou. Ulus is back !! Smileys pour l’été et les vacances. I have big glasses, and my fear is to get stuck with my bise-partner’s glasses. Awkward. Can someone become fluent in English by reading books? Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. Bises vs. Bisous Posted by Josh Dougherty on Jun 30, 2016 in Culture, Vocabulary The other day, I was asked to explain the difference between two words, so I decided it would make a nice little post and clear up any confusion our readers may also be having with some same confusing pair. Those noises are an important social necessity. There are many people for whom I might end a postcard with Bises or Grosses bises but who would be very surprised if I wrote instead Bisous or Gros bisous. Furthermore, hidden beneath the surface of this charming social ritual lie endless perils, social pitfalls and potential awkwardness, a large number of which I have experienced. Seems a bit strange. Bises, Bisous, Gros bisous quel difference? ( Log Out /  Mais la signification de cet émoji va bien au-delà de cela. IMO it’s about habit and what is socially acceptable. In my experience, these expressions are more common than the aforementioned Bises/Grosses bises. ... Je t'embrasse c'est plus intime, bises ou bisous c'est amical -) 1 1. A small one, granted. Do you hug that person? Breaking Bad gay. Losing your balance while leaning in, so you fall on the person/step on them? haha in the “Eurobubble” – i.e. on m'a demandé quelle était la différence entre bise et bisou à la fin d'un message entre homme et femme j'ai donné mon point de vue et dit que j'allais poser la question donc merci de m'éclairer PS Joconde, il n'ose pas te demander mdrrrrrrrrr. "Je t'embrasse" est pour moi beaucoup plus fort, je ne l'emploi pas à la légère, mais ça dépend des gens. For a start, there’s the name of the thing. So you can give someone a baiser but if you baise, it is rather a different level of intimacy. It’s a dangerous business, this bise/baiser stuff; a positive social minefield. I have never found that people from cultures where greeting by kissing is commonplace to be more affectionate than those from handshaking cultures. Native English speakers: Do you feel any difference between these two? Awkward. Pourtant certaines personnes envoient “Bisous” assez facilement même à des personnes qu’ils ne connaissent à peine. I didn’t realise this when I first arrived, giving stonily silent bises to the consternation of my kiss-ees. En effet, il peut également être utilisé pour atténuer un message sarcastique, ironique ou dur. As in, neck rotating round at each turn to land a wet smacker directly on each unhappy chop. Awkward. And when you’re wearing a hat or glasses, you must also be very careful…. What’s your special technique then? Une bise sera plutôt sur la joue. Par contre "je t'embrasse" est beaucoup plus intime et ciblé. Just to complicate things, though, there is also the word baiser, which means kiss if you use it as a noun but if you confuse this and use it as a verb (the word kiss in English is, after all, also both noun and verb) it means… well. Réponse Enregistrer. No, you touch cheeks, and all your lips are responsible for is making loud smacking noises. Still have questions? Bises et bisous 20 juillet 2016 09:07, par Virginia. I’d rather shake hands with people! On the other hand, "baiser" could be on the cheeks but also on the lips. "Bise" is like "baiser" but only on the cheeks...or on the neck, but NOT on the lips. These days I notice if someone doesn’t make noises while we exchange bises. Bisous. I would like to say I’ve never experienced any of the above. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. I have also never seen anyone take off their glasses to do it, though I would love to, that’s hilarious! Just be warned, my children, that’s all. Mais on va dire plutôt "bises" à la famille/aux amis et réserver "bisous" à son amoureux/amoureuse. Quelle est la différence entre « bises » et « bisous » dans un message ? You will never find "bisou" in French litterature for example. I’m working for a company that is looking to expand into Lausanne and was wondering if anyone had any advice on the best places to advertise locally. Apparemment ATILF ne fait pas de différence non plus. The hazards are endless, I tell you! Je dirait que bisou est une formule toute faite, presque un automatisme qui n'a plus de sens. Shudder. In England we tend to hug our friends and sometimes without realising it I have gone in for a hug while someone has been looming toward me with lips puckered, and the result is generally a bumbling dance of awkwardness. Bisous est un terme plus familier mais qui est totalement entré dans les habitudes de tout le monde ou presque. Bon, ben, bises alors. In French, do the words "chatte" and "castration" have the same origin. , Thanks Kantu! Your website deserves much bigger audience. Je dirait que "bisou" est une formule toute faite, presque un automatisme qui n'a plus de sens. 1 decade ago. Quelle difference faites vous entre bises et bisous? I’m a Swiss blogger living in France – and I hate this habit of “faire la bise” to everyone. Et que je t'embrasse. If the Swiss three-time kiss seems excessive, in France the figure can rise to four depending on the region, but in my experience so far it is two. We are looking for English speaking businessmanagers so any advice would be greatly appreciated. Un bisou c'est furtif c'est pas très important, un baiser c'est plus symbolique et plus sincère, il contient des sentiments toutesconversations , Posté le lundi 22 octobre 2012 06:1 Bonjour J'aimerais connaitre la difference entre bises et bisous et grosses bises. Do you not touch at all, bodies metres apart and arms akimbo, while you lean in at the waist to limit physical contact to your bumping cheekbones? "Bisou" is a derivative from baiser.It is more colloquial. Évaluation. If you don't know which one you should use, use "baiser". But on the rare occasions you meet a Belgian, just do it once. Synonym for bisou Un baiser une bise un bisou → a kiss Un Bisou → generic term Une Bise → a soft kiss, usually to say hello (faire la bise) Un Baiser → a kiss of love, the "French kiss" Be careful, the verb Baiser means to make love / to fuck I’m from the UK and happy to greet a Spaniard or a Belgian with two kisses or one but it’s just not considered normal behaviour in the UK. Why does my Yahoo home page keep loading in different languages like Spanish or Italian, even though my preference is set as US English? Get your answers by asking now. We’ve advertised on Linkedin and Monster.com but haven’t had much luck attracting the right applicants. , Wahou! Bizz. I’ve also experienced that odd person (generally men I won’t lie) who literally kisses your cheeks. Another time I accidentally left a Swiss gentleman hanging with just two bises, while he leant forward, waiting for the third with a crestfallen look on his face. A voir également. gros bisous = alors là, c'est le summum, donc pour ma part, je le sort que si j'éprouve une affection toute particulière et des sentiments pour cette personne This is actually quite difficult to do while trying to touch cheeks. It can go viral if you give it initial boost, i know useful service that can help you, None. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. C'est la même chose! c'ets "moi qui embrasse toi" et non pas des bisous jetés en l'air comme ça. 2. I’ve been wearing glasses for only 3 months, and I had to learn that process: one of the nearsighted people must take his “lunettes” off before trying to “faire la bise” to someone, otherwise… it just doesn’t work! , Haha I think I might have experienced the clacking of glasses before! Usually, you just can’t touch cheeks because the glasses are an obstacle… Not mentionning the awful sound, clak, clak! Par contre je t'embrasse est beaucoup plus intime et … If so, what is the difference? Bisous = connotation plus amical, les liens sont plus fort. Bladi . Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. En France, il est de coutume de se faire la bise, le nombre et le sens de la bise varie en fonction de la région dans laquelle on vit, mais là, on ne vous apprend rien ! I generally like this European habit of kissing on the cheek as a greeting, though this naturally depends on whom you are required to kiss. On prononce smaïléz, on les appelle aussi parfois souriards ou émoticons, et ça désigne ces figures rondes, souvent jaunes et avec le sourire, auxquelles vous n’avez certainement pas pu échapper. Bisou magique : bisou réalisé à un enfant afin de guérir les plus gros bobos (la petite blessure enfantine et non les bourgeois bohèmes). Awkward. A good compromise seems to be to lightly put your hand on that person’s elbow; this works best if you both do it with the same arm, to avoid a bizarre arm situation where you are trying to grab the elbow of the arm trying to grab yours. Actually, Brits and Germans in Brussels, for that matter, generally greet each other with kisses… But it doesn’t seem to change the interactions thereafter. What gives this used Volvo a $20M price tag? I experiment the same problems with hats, too. Suivez-nous. Can’t wait till you get to Brussels.. French-Belgians kiss once, Flemish-Belgians and Dutch people kiss thrice, Spanish, Italians and French twice, Germans, Brits, Central/East Europe not really at all… Very confusing. Or you end up performing head movements that look like you are rehearsing a Bollywood dance routine, or doing a ghetto neck roll. are often used as an informal, affectionate way to close an email, letter, text message, etc. Pingback: French – Unit 1 “Gimme me a bise, baiser or bisou – just don’t use baiser as a verb”: A guide to Kissing | Café Poirot, You post very interesting articles here. Social awkwardness. Trying to talk while touching cheeks three times and making the compulsory smacking noises? J'aime. La bise. All we get here is, and rarely at that, a limpid handshake. We thought we were so cute and special, not realising that the triple bise is the standard greeting of an entire country. 'Bises' is more formal and 'bisous' is the familiar way to say the same thing. But of course if the person you are kissing starts on the opposite side to you, often your faces come uncomfortably close and you end up almost exchanging a REAL kiss. Documentary reveals Demi Lovato's troubled past, Knicks fan kicked out of game for 'Ban Dolan' T-shirt, Massive cargo ship turns sideways, blocks Suez Canal, TV writer shows photos of unappetizing cereal surprise, North Korea fired at least one missile over weekend, Matt Damon says Bill Gates taught him to be 'optimistic', Brooke Shields's terrifying accident, struggle to walk. Going in at different speeds/intensities? Quelle est la différence entre bises et bisous dans un . Otherwise I have no technique (as is evident from this post!) Bises et bisous, Sherbrooke. Awkward. Unless you’re being a pretentious prick like I was at around 16 when a friend and I would always exchange three kisses on the cheek when we greeted and parted. Bises, Bisous, Gros bisous quel difference? 0 1. alain l. Lv 7. il y a 9 ans. Liana. Bonjour, quand ils sont utilisés à la fin d'un message, il n'y a pas beaucoup de différence, sinon que bisous est un peu plus informel que bises, et qu'on utilisera un plus facilement bisous pour quelqu'un qu'on connaît bien… What I wouldn’t give to be in Europe and have to worry about how many kisses to give! Can someone correct these two short sentence? Glad the Fondue Files is back on the web! Do the following sentences have the same meaning? If you’re picturing me exchanging graceful pecks on cheeks with strangers over glasses of sparkling rosé and platters of continental cheeses, revelling in my elegance, dignity and physical ease around strangers, THINK AGAIN. Parce que des Bisous, on en reçoit et fait chaque jour ; parce que chacun d’entre eux n’est pas porteur des mêmes messages ; parce que la langue française, par ses subtilités permet de tout nuancer, parce que sur les Bisous, je me suis interrogée, une réflexion s’est alors posée sur le papier. It always works. Interview par Anne Ducellier - Maureen Dor Quelle différence entre une bise, un bisou et un baiser Une histoire inspirée par son fils de 8 ans, Léonard, qui adore les bisous. But a country nevertheless. Just to complicate things, though, there is also the word baiser , which means kiss if you use it as a noun but if you confuse this and use it as a verb (the word kiss in English is, after all, also both noun and verb) it means… well.