But in 2020 a dead infant was found partially eaten by the lizards in southern Thailand… They are carnivores and hunt small animals and fishes, although will often eat carrion. They’re nothing to be scared of, they don’t bite and will steer well clear of you. There are more than 400 species recorded. When there is no food, the geckos will not reproduce so much. Lizards & Crocodilians of Southeast Asia : From the tiniest of geckos inhabiting people's houses to huge monitor lizards of up to 3 metres, Southeast Asia's lizards have evolved to fill an amazing range of ecological niches. There are house geckos eating flies and mosquitoes in our rooms, Tokays munching on mice and cockroaches on the roofs, skinks and garden lizards hunting down garden pests, and monitors cleaning up carrion. Thailand, along with most of South East Asia, has a large population of water monitor lizards. The following is a list of reptiles of Thailand. Lizards in Thai Popular Culture. The lizards are not a big threat to humans and normally eat eggs, small animals and carrion. These huge reptiles, which can easily reach 2.5m (8 ft) in length and weigh 50+ kg (110+ lbs) can be found inhabiting lakes, rivers, swamps and mangroves across the country. I'd like to identify a small snake living between loose brick pavers and in garden beds near our house. Clean-up in rept-aisle four! I like the little geckos, I really do. Bangkok would be a dirtier… Thailand has had its democracy stolen for a decade already and a lot of people don't seem to care. Then you should search for the little white eggs, placed somewhere. But we dont like their droppings everywhere. Strong power fly glue board.' Elsewhere they are know as Malayan water monitor or the Common water monitor. Tokay’s are the second largest lizard in the gecko family, fully grown Tokay’s can reach 11 to 15 inches in length, in appearance they look like the smaller geckos which are very common around just about every house or dwelling in Thailand, except they are much bigger in size. A Godzilla-sized monitor lizard startled customers at a 7-Eleven in Thailand by clawing its way up a set of shelves, then basking near the ceiling under the fluorescent lights. Lizards of different sizes are common in Thailand (tokay, gecko, chingchok) and no matter where you are staying you are likely to see a small house lizard appear at some stage in your room or just outside it. Moment 6ft-long monitor lizard climbs up supermarket shelves as it raids store for food. The shapes, colours and mode of life of the region's lizards is diverse in the extreme. The name of this lizards in Thai language is one of the worst insults you can say. Reptile sparked panic after it ran into 7-Eleven store in Nakhon Pathom, Thailand This reptiles are excellent swimmers and do not seem to mind dirty waters since they live in some of the dirtiest Bangkok canals. In Thailand every small and big shop has it: 'RANGER. Some more info not to difficult to get... Anopheles mosquito is our malaria enemy, malaria a bit seldom. Now I'm not talking about the people who actually protest everyday its everyone else who just sits it out hoping other people will win their country back for them and others who just don't care at all. The house is pretty well sealed, with fly screens on all windows and a rubber strip on the bottom of the back door. Lizards are the most common reptiles in Bangkok, and are a big part of natural pest control. Fish will love it... Good Luck!