I know the premise sounds wonky, but the show deserves more credit than it gets. | Parisa Fitz-Henley, Claire Holt, This was a show, that while overly dramatic at times, was a serious frontrunner for vampires in television, and its significance cannot be overestimated. Creatures of unspeakable horror lurk beneath this town as a teenage girl is suddenly torn between two vampire brothers. Sorcière Originel et mère de 6 enfants. Can't say I approve of Season 4 or 5, and it has now been cancelled. Where to Watch: Stream on Netflix, Youtube, and Showtime. Crime, Drama, Fantasy. C'est officiel, un studio indépendant polonais, Draw Distance, développe actuellement le jeu narratif Vampire : The Masquerade - Coteries of New York.. The adventures of the half human/vampire hunter. Jôji Nakata, A spinoff of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel is darker and more adult. Oh Jeong-Se, I knew there had to be Korean vampire series out there (I’m still trying to get my hands on Vampire Prosecutor.) TV-MA Bonnie Bennet. | It's like watching the series Cops with vampires, werewolves, and zombies, and while I'm not a big fan of comedy shows, or parodies, this one really made me laugh. This is a weak spot in the story as it feels a bit like filler to make the plot last the length of the series, but overall a good addition to this list. Susannah Harker, As a Vampire Diaries/Originals spin-off, I didn’t see much potential in the premise behind Legacies. We can always hope for new vampire romances to look forward to! 30 min Dolly Wells, Overall, definitely worth watching, and one of the more interesting anime series. A Literary Halloween: 20 Female Book Characters to Dress Up As. Drama, Fantasy, Horror. The story line and characters are all treated with respect here and the plot unfolds at a natural and reserved pace. Salem's Lot (while both versions are worthy, they were too short to be considered a series).Updated: 3/15/20, TV-MA This is a very violent anime series, but I just can't help liking this one for its interesting storyline. While Herman Munster was the main character of the Munsters and was not a vampire, Grandpa, Lily, and Eddie all had vampire traits and were meant to be vampires. Too many of them are easily recognizable in their own stories, and that era is ripe with terrific material to draw from. Explorer Sir Malcolm Murray, American gunslinger Ethan Chandler, scientist Victor Frankenstein and medium Vanessa Ives unite to combat supernatural threats in Victorian London. 45 min Mitchell’s ending was also Shakespearean, which I also appreciate. Actually, the entire cast is fantastic. Unfortunately, their love is forbidden. Overall, a very engrossing story though and worth watching. Kristen Hager. In this drama, the relationships take the focus and it is very hard not to like Alex O'Laughlin's character (Mick St. John) and care about his growing relationship. Where to Watch: Rent digitally on Amazon Prime, iTunes, and Vudu. Animation, Action, Drama. I mean, it’s beloved for good reasons. Currently, she co-runs this lovely blog and works at The New York Public Library as a YA Librarian. A show that was at times great and at other times just ok, and like many shows before it, was canceled too early to give us a chance to really appreciate where the relationships and stories could have gone. Stars: Barbara Blackburn, Eric Northman is a pure delight to watch. Start studying Scary stories. Dramas coréens, chinois, taïwanais, japonais, nouvelles et événements sur la Kpop et les Kdrama par Soompi ainsi que des productions originales — sous-titrées en anglais et dans d’autres langues. The writing is smart, the characters are developing and growing (and Damon is just pure enjoyment) and it has its own cinematic style. This is a show that is hit or miss for me. I was so in. Featured image credit: True Blood (HBO), Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Fox/WB), and Moonlight (CBS). Comedy, Drama, Fantasy. Where to Watch: Stream on Hulu, buy/rent on various platforms, or buy on DVD. Where would we be without the romantic vampire with a soul who longs for lost love? Spoilers. 7 saisons. 55 min Not only is the show well written, but the romance is superb; the chemistry, the old-fashioned build of sensuality rather than meaningless love scenes. The series just never had time to go anywhere because of the cancellation. And the last episode was also pretty good. It's still a really good horror show, though, and one of the more original shows on this list. Jonathan Aris. Teresa Palmer, To top it all off, a couple of the stories are romantic. Still, their ending, as much as it hurts, felt hopeful thanks to Annie. The vampires are intelligent and hive-like in their methods with a compelling Byronic leader in love and obsessed with Dr. Jonas Lear’s (Henry Ian Cusick) wife. Perhaps this one lasted a bit too long, but the ending was satisfying overall and for those who enjoy the first few seasons, you will likely enjoy it to the end. 3 commentaires. Much darker than Buffy and without so much of the annoying Scooby-Doo type storylines, this show, which lasted 5 seasons, was in some ways a much better show than its predecessor. 19 août 2019 - Explorez le tableau « Vampires » de Sylvain Legrand, auquel 156 utilisateurs de Pinterest sont abonnés. Al Lewis, It is sort of a spy show, the "Alias" of vampire shows, if you will, and that is an unusual and fascinating take on things. I won’t say why other than you should watch it for yourselves. Stars: I have two problems with it: #1, Sarah Michelle Gellar is not very likeable (in my opinion) although she does improve as the show gains momentum in later seasons and #2, the whole "Scooby's gang" tag along characters frequently was more annoying to me than enjoyable, which, again, got better as the show continued. Ben Cross, Non, elle vit dans une grande ville dans l'état de L... La vie d'Elya. | Nancy Barrett. Stars: Drama, Fantasy, Horror. Finally, terrible endings may or may not hurt the overall ranking. TV-MA Sam Huntington, Redemptive. | Scholar Who Walks the Night is another Korean vampire Drama, but this one is also a historical fantasy. Dylan Bruce, Voir Serie Ma baby-sitter est un vampire en streaming vf vostfr gratuitement. Beware: There are spoilers in this list! A British taskforce, lead by the daughter of the vampire hunter Prof. Van Helsing, battles the supernatural with the aid of two vampires. 60 min Joss Whedon liked to play with our hearts, and I’m still not over Doyle, Cordelia, or Fred’s endings. The Scholar Who Walks the Night The main reason was Alex O’Loughlin as the private investigator vampire Mick St. John. 24 min The writing duo of Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffatt (the powerhouse behind some of the best of new Doctor Who and Sherlock) turning to one the greatest vampire novel of all time? | Joo-Young Kim. Stars: I devoured this show in one day. Theo James. Demons could have been the British Buffy. Furthermore, the flashbacks of the centuries are gripping, as is Nick’s relationship with the vampire Lucien LaCroix (clearly influenced by Lestat). contact the Vampires Lord on his Email: [email protected] gmail. The gothic romance between Victoria and Barnabas Collins is also intriguing and certainly Byronic in the most Romantic of ways. You have to get past the first episode that was deceptively cheesy. But the real standout is the connection to folklore and mythology. | Halfway through the season, the focus on the characters' ever growing story lines and less on the weekly cop mysteries was really getting good, (it was almost noir at moments) but in the final few episodes of the season, it really lost a lot of its mystery and its momentum. Get our insider's email today and become a romantic rebel like us! I also appreciated the Sookie world without the HBO, over the top TV-MA twist (though the show still is steamy for TV-14). It helps that he can see at night when she’s slowly going blind. But Nick fears he will kill her like all the women who have come before. Ahh! The only reason this series isn’t higher on the list is that the writers wimped out on the romantic endings, and that annoys me immensely. As mentioned above, I read The Vampire Diaries books as a young girl, so I went in with high expectations. Katherine Pierce. Some seasons are better than others. Dans le domaine familial de Sept-Tours, la sorcière et le vampire vont retrouver amis et membres de leur vaste clan – à une exception près. There is not much fault that we can find in this adaptation, actually. It was really just beginning to hit its stride when it was canceled too early (again). A family of power-hungry thousand-year-old vampires look to take back the city that they built and dominate all those who have done them wrong. Drama, Horror, Mystery. However, by the end of the first episode, I dropped my expectations and realized that the storytellers decided to tell their own story in their own way and it was actually a very compelling, very mature, and very effective way to tell the story. Yoon San (Lee Joon) a private detective suddenly becomes a vampire. Fans even gathered outside the network to protest its cancellation. Stars: Josh Hartnett, With more than one love story, Scholar who Walks the Night is an epic historical romance that will leave you swooning. Sanctuary is a science fiction/fantasy series with an actual ending! This first season ended on an interesting high note, and I am hopeful this very funny show will be around a while longer. The series about a teen orphan girl named Elena who falls into a romantic triangle with two vampire brothers works. It’s also the best aspect of the show (including the thoughtful Godric subplot). Joseph Morgan, I would definitely watch this if there were any more seasons, but they could very easily end it with just this one season. This series is definitely for Moonlight and Forever Knight fans who like the idea of a vampire cure. The first season is hit or miss, but the quality of the episodes increase greatly as the show continues. David Boreanaz, But by that point, it was too late. Some may find the romance here too tragic, but there is love in tragedy. Non, elle ne vit pas dans une petite ville de Californie, comme dans la série Teen wolf. Yes, it has a love triangle (as does Twilight) and yes, it has a teen storyline (somewhat) but this show is more clever and pretty much blows Twilight away. However, they have enough episodes including the vampire trope (or a main character that is a vampire) to have been included on the list, although ranked lower for this than on the quality of the show alone.Also, please note that this list is not exhaustive. But someone with no lines or even a name. Enjoy the most literary show ever to be on the small screen. Tôru Ohkawa, Stars: Alexandra Isles, Zane Holtz, All that considered, it is not the best show, it is a bit dated and since it is a soap opera (as already indicated) a bit overly dramatic sometimes, but it is still good fun. 60 min Christina Cox, Bok-rae Jo. 45 min Not to mention, a hilarious romance for the Count in seasons 3 and 4 (he falls for a human teacher) and a love story for Dracula’s daughter. Comedy, Horror. | Stars: Often the production value is low, and I am not much of a fan of episodic television, preferring ongoing storylines, not to mention cop shows are not really my thing, so that is several things against it. Easily still one of the best. Fumiko Orikasa, Ólafur Darri Ólafsson, Ashleigh Cummings, 800-year-old vampire Nick Knight quests for redemption as a cop in Toronto, trying to hide his vampiric nature from the rest of the world. TV-14 These are the most romantic vampire TV shows of all time. This is perhaps unfair to its ordering on this list, so keep that in mind and take its placement here as conditional because of this.Shows reviewed that did not make the cut: For me, Moonlight is genuinely the most romantic vampire series of all time. Yui Horie, I will be interested to see where they go from here.UPDATE: Alas! Also note, some shows have vampires in them, although vampires may not be central to the overall story of the show (Supernatural is a good example of this). The story is about a secret government group hunting down vampires (though no one calls them vampires). Animation, Drama, Horror. Do you agree with my ranking of romantic vampire TV shows? Kat Graham. For me, there was a hope and light to the romantic ending that is just everything. Oh, and unpopular opinion, I would have liked more with Kate. Stars: The acting and writing is all really good and the story is just fantastic. 45 min. Corey Stoll, TV-MA Where to Watch: You can buy/rent digitally on various platforms or buy the full series on DVD. One I wouldn't mind at all seeing remade. Drama, Fantasy, Horror. Sure, the series has ups and downs. TV-14 Smith’s The Vampire Diaries years before it ever turned into the popular TV series? Troy Baker. Another vampire as law enforcement/detective series, this one is more episodic, but does have a subtle seasonal and character driven arc. Dark Shadows was a daytime soap opera that ran every day from 1966 until 1971 with 30 minute long episodes, and has been extremely influential on the genre. Mamoru Miyano, This gothic romance was genre-defining and a significant smash on television for a reason. Grayson Hall, Sam Witwer, By the end of episode one, though the material strayed dramatically from its source material, I was hooked. The characters and writing are frequently more on the nose than I typically like, but after a while of watching it, I began to really enjoy their ongoing banter. A truly great show worth watching, even if the vampire narrative is not as substantial. Ryan Kwanten. We never got the full treatment we were hoping for and it felt rushed, likely this was because the show was cancelled too soon, but overall, no other shows come close to the quality treatment of the genre as this one does. Meanwhile, Barbara Steele, iconic for her roles in Italian Gothic horror films in the 1960s, enters as Dr. Hoffman. This Steampunk adaptation of Dracula was to die for. The rich Collins family of Collinsport, Maine is tormented by strange occurrences. Barnabas also becomes the focus in all later adaptations (including the mediocre one with Johnny Depp). And good versus evil. Along the way, she falls for the Shadowhunter Jace, and their epic love story full of obstacles begins. Orange Marmalade This one is all about the characters. ‘The Space Between Us’ Review: How to Make a Sad But Beautiful Romance Good, Tune in for Love (2019): A Sweet, Slow-burning Korean Romance. Bien que les séries soient différentes, il s’agit bien de deux spin-offs, le premier de The Vampire Diaries, le deuxième de The Originals… Quand on a vu The Vampire Diaries, impossible de ne pas continuer les deux. How I adored the sweet soulmate love between Stefan and Elena and the brewing passion she also had for Stefan’s darker brother Damon. Des sitcoms aux séries dramatiques, en passant par les émissions de voyage et les talk-shows, découvrez le meilleur de la TV. SORCIÈRE POUR L’ÉCHAFAUD, de Kim Harrison (Bragelonne) Le personnage Rachel Morgan, sorcière de son état et chasseuse de primes. Nikolay Gogol, a young Third Section clerk, is desperate: his own books seem shallow and mediocre, so he keeps buying entire print runs just to burn them all. The Series went a bit off the rails after Season 3. Julie Zangenberg, The second season is stronger in story than the first, but drags a bit in the middle and perhaps focuses too much on supporting or minor characters and not enough on the main trio. Thankfully, you can read the original novels to find out what happens. Uh…not really. Unfortunately, the show only lasted one season. Eiza González. Instead, the series is about a young orphan girl named Amy; the government wants to experiment on her because of a vampire virus gone wrong. What's interesting about Hemlock Grove is that the supernatural elements sneak up on you a little bit. The Originals et Legacies. Other versions are more TV-MA. The relationship between the P.I. Intrigued by the tales her grandmother told of vampires, witches, and ghosts as a girl, she's always been drawn to the fantastic. That’s undeniable. I sat and watched the entire first series in one night because I just couldn't get enough. Katsuyuki Konishi, Yes, it is sort of a teen drama, but that takes a back seat to the continually engrossing and intricate plots. | Stars: Now, Sticky Fingaz as Blade is just bad. Son but: expédier les créatures maléfiques en prison. (vampire, sorcière et créature) _ Avoir un gameplay genre un certain "pouvoir" ou "action" pour que ses personnages-là puisse avoir un plus que les humains n'ont pas. A little melodramatic, but a fun anime with an interesting plot. Learn how your comment data is processed. Definitely one worth watching if you are a fan of vampire romance. Gina Holden. You can be anything that you choose if you apply yourself and try hard to work toward that goal. 3. Now sadly ended, it was without a doubt one of the greatest additions to the genre. Then to find out our favorite vampire slayer had fallen for a vampire and that he had a soul? Alejandra Reynoso, I have to admit, though, that by the end of the first season they really started breaking away from the original plot and that is a good thing. Matthew Goode, When a botched U.S. government experiment turns a group of death row inmates into highly infectious vampires, an orphan girl might be the only person able to stop the ensuing crisis. Stars: Drama, Fantasy, Mystery. Just don’t call them werewolves or vampires. La maîtresse de maison est une fantôme au sale caractère, son mari un vampire plutôt cool et le valet de pied une sorte de créature de Frankenstein à l'intellect passablement limité. Enjoyable, but lost some of its momentum by the end. Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller, Michael Colefield is unwillingly thrust into the nightmarish world of vampires when he discovers a secret government organisation operating undercover within the police when his friend Jack... See full summary », Stars: Young-Ah Lee, In a word - disappointing. A good series. Drama, Horror Une terrible menace pèse sur leur avenir, et elle ne se dissipera que s’ils parviennent à récupérer les pages manquantes de l’Ashmole 782. Furthermore, you felt the actor’s love for the role which came across in Mick’s love for the human Beth played by the equally great Sophia Myles. Now, if you’re wondering why this isn’t in the top ten, I struggled because NONE of the love stories have a happy ending. This show really gets philosophical at times. Sure, I understand. Stephen Moyer, Nevertheless, the other cast members are fascinating. Yvonne De Carlo, Ainsi, Caroline fera partie de ces éléments : le vampire. Stars: Julian Sands even guest stars for a couple of episodes as a fascinating villain. It's a great story, excellently written, with a strong cast, and is very different from all the other entries here. Kerem Bürsin, Shadowhunters, an adaptation of the popular book series, needed time to hit its stride. Kazuyuki Okitsu, Biography, Drama, Mystery, The year 1829. Drama, Fantasy, Horror. You are young you have the whole world open to you. Additionally, the violence against women in this series is seriously gross and disturbing. While mostly forgotten, Dark Shadows was a big hit for the time until the Gulf War affected the ratings. Ian Somerhalder, | Gregg Chillin, | Overall a decent show. Overall, if you’re looking for a fascinating world of vampires with star-crossed romances, I highly suggest you watch this one. | Characters die, and you won’t love the second cast as much. You can unsubscribe at any time. | Sebastian Jessen, | This is one that any vampire fan should at least watch a few episodes of. While there’s a hint of romance between Harry Dresden and a female detective, it didn’t have time to develop. It’s also nice to see an immortal vampire show interest in a human who isn’t a teen or even in her early twenties!! We are as human as you are.. It’s not what you are that counts, But how you choose to be. High quality Sorcière gifts and merchandise. Occasionally the plots overwhelm the viewer, interfering with character development (and try not to get too attached to characters, because most characters have a very short lifespan in this show) but overall, it is a very addictive drama. It’s just so fun. You can also buy it on DVD. TV-14 Drama, Horror. Aspects of season one were a little shaky, and some of the casting questionable. Shadowhunters is a show to watch if you like urban fantasies and a whole lot of romantic moments. TV-MA Arguably the easiest binge-worthy show on this list. A future reboot would have so much potential. Then there are the love stories between Klaus and Cami (very Beauty and the Beast) and Hayley and Elijah. Action, Drama, Fantasy. Not to mention, an epic love story. Seriously, this is one love triangle that won’t annoy you. Add to that several seasons of engrossing plots and even its more outrageous campy moments are still some of the best vampire entertainment around. Petite sorcière mignonne à croquer, Mélusine est jeune fille au pair dans un château de Transsylvanie. Not to mention, to all the paranormal romance fans out there. Stars: But when an agent (Brad) disagrees with their methods, he goes rogue and will do anything to protect her before it’s too late. Jonathan Rhys Meyers is very Heathcliff here, and I loved every minute. He doesn’t recognize that most of his neighbors are supernaturals, including several vampires. Les parents d’Ethan, 14 ans, embauchent une baby-sitter car celui-ci est incapable de s’occuper de sa jeune soeur. In my book, that makes this one a winner. (Okay, maybe Timothy Dalton in Jane Eyre.) A spin-off series of The Vampire Diaries focusing on the original vampire family and a rivalry in New Orleans, it has an intriguing back story for the characters, not to mention two rivals in a power struggle for dominance of a city. Ebon Moss-Bachrach. And that ending? Rhona Mitra, Together, there is an intense beauty to be found within the words and story of John Logan’s masterful series Penny Dreadful. Vanessa Helsing, distant relative of famous vampire hunter Abraham Van Helsing, is resurrected only to find that vampires have taken over the world. The real problem I have with it is that somehow it has taken a plot that moved quickly and kept me on the edge of my seat in the original series and expanded it in a way as to make it somewhat boring and cumbersome. The series follows Clary, who discovers she’s a Shadowhunter (part angel) who hunts demons unseen by the human world. That would be amazing. The mythology itself is also unbelievably fascinating. Their relationship is adorable to watch. Be in their dreams. 43 min I mean, when Angel first appeared? That’s how much they cared for the love quadrangle. The series is one season, but has strong acting, nice effects, and overall is very strong. It’s just compelling. These are some of my favorite vampire romances ever and Byronic vampire characters as well. Claire’s temptation for human blood and desire to be good at the same time make for compelling characterization and television. Plus, the romantic ending between Aidan and Sally is perfection. I liked everything about the content - every page sounded exactly like it was written by Willow herself, along with the amazing attention to detail and tone of voice. Tied together by the three main characters' intersecting stories, I found myself liking this one, even though it wasn't very original, because the characters were all so enjoyable and had a great dynamic together. Still, the six episodes are worth checking out if you love the genre and recognize the impressive cast. A look into the daily (or rather, nightly) lives of three vampires, who've lived together for over 100 years, on Staten Island. However, be forewarned it has a lot of sex, violence, and nudity. Academy Award-nominated Jean Simmons (she stars in Hamlet opposite Laurence Olivier) plays Elizabeth Collins Stoddard. Idris Elba, Kathy Bates, There are moments of absurdity that sometimes pop up, but mostly it is a great gothic tale. Stars: I thought The Passage was going to be another zombie-like show with unintelligent, uninteresting vampires who are nothing more than symptoms of a virus. It’s more about redemption. The ending was misogynistic and an insult to female characters. Still, as this came from Joss Whedon, did any of the love stories turn out all that great? Her Gothic pedigree brings authenticity to the remake. Where to Watch: Stream on CW Seed for free, rent/buy digitally on various platforms, and buy on DVD.