issues that are important for real-time, high-precision performance: choice of features, matching strategies, incremental [30], A critique of this article is also on the motives behind its usage and its variety of reasons behind its usage. It may consist simply of the government announcing that it will resign if its project is not adopted. This article was originally translated from the French Wikipedia article, fr:Article 49 de la Constitution de la cinquième République française. Klicken Sie einfach auf ein Wort, um die Ergebnisse erneut angezeigt zu bekommen. It is a mark of courtesy and deference to parliament. The action may also be framed by the constitution, generally in a way favorable to the government. Also, CenSurE uses a Harris edge filter, which, Several simple center-surround filters exist in the literature. It has applications in a variety of real-time applications such as image retrieval, gesture classification, virtual reality, etc. The result shows, under feature detectors, CenSurE and SIFT performs better with reference to repeatability and matching score. The word éventuellement ("possibly") in the declaration of general policy and the phrase peut engager ("may commit") in Section 3 reinforce the compulsory nature of the commitment to a program, where this conditional phrasing is not used. Nevertheless, the administration exists through nomination by the President of the Republic (Article 8), without reference to a possible confirmation by the Assembly. to switch to an upright SURF type descriptor [13]. The constitution thus prevents the interpellation prevalent under the Third Republic, in which a single deputy could challenge the government, and a vote, following debate, for legislation unfavorable to the government could lead to its departure. The motion was filed on October 2, after General de Gaulle on 30 September announced a referendum (in accordance with Article 11 of the Constitution) to organize the election of the President of the Republic by direct suffrage. Traditionally, the article 49.3 is usually contested by members of opposing parties to the executive. This parliamentary ritual gives the motion some formality, which will be widely commented upon by the media. Experimental results show a high level of repeatability for different noise variations, image compression, and blur. The results demonstrate that the proposed method outperforms general PDR method in accuracy and can work in three-dimensional space. The parameters are trained by hard triplet loss gradient descent method and back propagation mechanism. Übersetzung für 'motion de censure' im kostenlosen Französisch-Deutsch Wörterbuch und viele weitere Deutsch-Übersetzungen. Responsibility to the legislative branch subsisted, but the government could consider itself legitimate so long as it was not formally overturned. For even without a majority in the National Assembly, the president would still be able to nominate a government to suit himself, and avail himself in this way of all of his powers, subject to contreseing (countersignature) (Article 19 of the French Constitution [fr]) , notably the power to nominate (Article 13 of the French Constitution [fr]), while the government would have the power to regulate (Article 37 [fr]), and the considerable powers offered to him by the constitution in his relations with the parliament (the essential part of Title V). The resignation of the government may only be obtained if the Bundestag passes a motion of censure with an absolute majority which also designates a new chancellor, known as a "constructive" motion of censure in Article 67. [1] Its best-known provision, Subsection 3 (Article 49.3), allows the government to force passage of a bill without a vote unless the parliament votes a motion of no confidence to veto the government "commitment of responsibility". As pointed out by David Lowe [11], “it is important to avoid all boundary, effects in which the descriptor abruptly changes as a sample shifts smoothly, from being within one histogram to another or f, Figure fig:descriptor shows these regions and subregio, on the subregion center and summed into t, centered on the feature point. Apart from the dualist aspects specific to the Fifth Republic, which can also help explain the solidity of governments versus the Assembly, the limits of "technical" rationalisation of parliamentarism have often been remarked upon. Finally, the author designs a novel, handcrafted, compute-efficient and training-free VPR technique that outperforms state-of-the-art VPR techniques on 5 different VPR datasets. It would still be impossible for him to have the legislation he desires enacted, and above all the necessity to reach every year a compromise with the Assemblée to pass the budget. Hier sehen Sie Ihre letzten Suchanfragen, die neueste zuerst. Object Detection Using FAST Corner Detector Based on Smartphone Platforms, A new scale invariant feature detector and modified SURF descriptor, Conference: Computer Vision - ECCV 2008, 10th European Conference on Computer Vision, Marseille, France, October 12-18, 2008, Proceedings, Part IV. Closer to our approa, and is readily computed at all scales with integral images [16,17]. The first subparagraph of Article 49 allows the prime minister to commit the responsibility of his government before the National Assembly. The Fifth Republic provides for a much more powerful weapon with Paragraph 3 (see below). VPR-Bench introduces two much-needed capabilities for researchers: firstly, quantification of viewpoint and illumination variation, replacing what has largely been assessed qualitatively in the past, and secondly, new metrics 'Extended precision' (EP), 'Performance-Per-Compute-Unit' (PCU) and 'Number of Prospective Place Matching Candidates' (NPPMC). The box filter can be done using integral images [16, struct trapezoidal areas. CenSurE-OCT did the best, beating out SURF by a small, densely for 2 octaves, by using doubled images and setting subsampling to 1, does, expensive to compute for SURF (see Section 4, amount, out of 19K frames. motion de censure definition in French dictionary, motion de censure meaning, synonyms, see also 'motionnel',motionner',moto',motton'. The system does not allow for abstention: a deputy may vote for the motion, or not vote for the motion, in which case he is assumed not to wish to overturn the government. The essence of POP lies in activating keypoint detection module in the background as well as adding several refinement steps in order to reduce correlated sources of errors within the pipeline. This concept differs considerably from the usual definition of an executive power charged with the execution of laws. The commitment of responsibility may also bear only on a part of the text, in which case discussion proceeds in the normal manner on the remaining articles. However the text to which the government has committed may on the other hand take back up measures that had been pushed back. The properties of color models are used to form a distinctiveness function to suppress unwanted background clutter. Enrich your vocabulary with the French Definition dictionary The arriving vehicles are distinguished by using National Television System Committee (NTSC) transformed image and the preceding vehicles are perceived using redemphasized image. Experience has led, moreover, to provide a somewhat unique disposition to ensure, despite maneuvers, passage of an essential piece of legislation."[2]. If, outside of periods of cohabitation, the President, the real head of the executive branch, may informally have a great role in the decision to have recourse to 49.3, he has never opposed it in periods of cohabitation, which he could only do by refusing that the deliberation be recorded in the minutes of the Council of Ministers. He addressed, among other topics, the issue of the motion of no confidence: "[...] the sovereign people, by electing the president, invests him with its confidence. An administration which cannot rely on a majority can eschew the use of this measure without much inconvenience. sequence is more challenging because of large changes in rotation and, octaves and therefore has less degree of scale-in. With these new rotated features our sample face detector shows off on average a 10% lower false alarm rate at a given hit rate. Accuracy of fea-, ture localization is crucial for visual odometry tasks, but keypoint operators, such as SIFT typically subsample the image at higher scales, losing pixel-level, Broadly speaking, we can divide feature classes into t, features [9] combine scale-space techniques with the Harris approach. I-SURF modifies the SURF descriptor by considering the boundary effect of the adjacent subregions, and introduces index vector to speed up matching. Most previous approaches are bottom-up and do not consider prior information for known object categories. Article 49 of the French Constitution is an article of the French Constitution, the fundamental law of the French Fifth Republic. However, when large, complicatedcultural heritage objects are investigated, it is sometimes impossible to place marked control points.The only possibility of resolving this problem is the use of image-based TLS data registration. Some politicians see the article as against democracy and democratic debate. LNCS, vol. This can lead, for a single reading of the law, to two commitments of responsibility. Five weeks later, he asked for and obtained the resignation of Chaban-Delmas.[15]. PDR fuses the accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer to calculate relative distance from starting point, which is mainly composed of three modules: step detection, stride length estimation and heading calculation. We explore the suitability of different feature detectors for the task of image registration, and in particular for visual To date, a vote of censure has passed only once. We discuss to achieve good performance using standard techniques. François Mitterrand attacked the Assembly, saying: "The simple language and the grammar [...] demonstrate in the clearest way that the prime minister has to commit the responsibility of his government to his program, and that this obligation, so decided, imposes itself upon him in a strict way.". At last, the advantage and disadvantage of each method are summarized and the future works to improve their performances is also suggested. However, it is difficult The Constitutional Council remarked incidentally that article 49 "tends to confer an analogous meaning" to the two terms. responses are likely to be unstable. Its goal is to avoid government instability and thus, "that a government exists which is made to govern, to which is given the time and the possibility to do so", as de Gaulle said in his speech on 4 September 1958 at the Place de la République.[17]. Accuracy: the consistent localization of a featu, This material is based upon work supported by the United States Air F, 4 the cost of the previous one. (eds.) The vote took place during the first legislature of the Fifth Republic, and put an end to it. The circumstances of that vote were quite specific. Article 20 makes clear, by referring to articles 49 and 50, that the president is responsible to the parliament, but this is not conditioned on a "commitment of responsibility", and even when it is required, no deadline is given, which limits the requirement, which in reality comes down to at most a moral imperative. Unless one of these motions of censure was adopted, the government measure would pass. However, while this helps the executive follow its program, it also puts them in a precarious position. The consequences of this restriction are minor, since the opposition generally does not run out of authorized motions. The executive is brought to the forefront of the democracy and through this subsection, gains the power to put in place its promises and its campaign goals. Notably, just after his refusal to sign ordinances in 1986, a refusal whose constitutionality was the subject of a lively discussion, François Mitterrand allowed the Council of Ministers to authorize Jacques Chirac to commit the responsibility of the government to a law project that again took up the same provisions. The importance if this article is showed as it brings another direct link between the executive and the people as is the case in the 5th republic. In this paper we introduce a novel set of rotated Haar-like features. Feature detection and description is a significant process in several computer vision tasks such as object recognition, detection, image classification and registration. Image Matching from Handcrafted to Deep Features: A Survey, A Novel Indoor Localization Method Based on Image Retrieval and Dead Reckoning, Vehicle Detection and Classification: A Review, VPR-Bench: An Open-Source Visual Place Recognition Evaluation Framework with Quantifiable Viewpoint and Appearance Change, Visual Place Recognition for Autonomous Robots, Supervised framework for top-down color interest point detection, Analysis of the Selection Impact of 2D Detectors on the Accuracy of Image-Based TLS Data Registration of Objects of Cultural Heritage and Interiors of Public Utilities, POP: A Generic Framework for Real-time Pose Estimation of Planar Objects, Dynamic Task Offload System Adapting to the State of Network Resources in Mobile Edge Computing, Performance Analysis of Feature Detection and Description (FDD) Methods on Accident Images, Large-Scale Visual Odometry for Rough Terrain, Random sample consensus: A paradigm for model fitting applications to image analysis and automated cartography, An affine invariant interest point detector, An Extended Set of Haar-like Features for Rapid Object Detection, Design of FIR bilevel Laplacian-of-Gaussian filter, Improved SIFT performance evaluation against various image deformations, Detailed analysis and evaluation of keypoint extraction methods. The presented results are the extendedcontinuation of investigations presented in the article, ‘The Influence of the CartographicTransformation of TLS Data on the Quality of the Automatic Registration’. In Germany. "[7] This difficulty with regards to the semantic connotation of the indicative mood is not the only semantic issue affecting the Constitution; one could also bring up the debate of 1960 about Article 29, "Parliament shall convene in extraordinary session... at the request... of the majority of the members of the National Assembly, to consider a specific agenda. 3. Hessian operator is used to select a location, This strategy requires computing the Hessian/Harris measure at all locations, there are peaks in the corner detector. Each subregion (in blue) is 9x9 with an overlap of 2 pixels at each boundary. Note that, sure is computed, its trace and determinant can be used to compute the ratio of, The Harris measure is more expensive to compute, number of feature points that are scale-space, The key to CenSurE is to be able to compute the bi-level filters efficiently at all.