Download and install the App inspector app on your Android device. Then, you can issue the "reboot" command by using Java's API: Android 6.0's standby mode does wonders for battery life, but the feature may cause some of your apps to not function as you'd like. For devices with removable batteries, this is simple—just pull out the battery, then reinsert it. License. App Power Management. There are three ways to say goodbye to your Android tablet; only one of them involves renting a steamroller. In Android 9, you can see how power-hungry apps as using battery by tapping it. The display goes dark; your tablet is locked. Have an old Android phone? Technical information. Open the app and then select the pre-installed app or the bloatware you want to uninstall from the list of installed apps … AlarmClock; BlockedNumberContract; BlockedNumberContract.BlockedNumbers; Browser; CalendarContract; CalendarContract.Attendees; CalendarContract.CalendarAlerts I am developing an Android application and we need to power off the device under certain circumstances. Android updates come with several features that help you optimize your phone’s memory consumption and battery life among other performance issues. To have a look at the apps guzzling power, just go to Settings > Battery > Battery Usage. The other two methods are documented below. Since battery life is so important, it’s well monitored by your Android OS. com.cyberlink.powerdirector.DRA140225_01. ... To test the behavior of app restrictions in Android 9 and higher, use one of the following commands: How to lock the Android tablet Locking the tablet is cinchy: Simply press the Power/Lock button. Here are nine new things that you can do with it . Managing in-app purchases doesn’t just apply to your phone. Advertisement . Battery. Press the power button and let the phone turn off, but wait a minute or two before powering it back on. ... // The application held a partial (screen off) wake lock for a period of time that // exceeded the threshold with the screen off when not charging. Package Name. Your Android tablet still works […] Ciberlink PowerDirector is without a doubt, one of the best video editing apps out there today on Android. Other apps offer more effects and are easier to use, but the results you get aren't anywhere near what you get with this app. Android 9.0 (Pie) and higher versions come with great power management features that extend your phone or tablet’s battery life by placing limits on the apps running in the background. I have read in many places that you need a rooted phone in order to do so. For some apps, you'll be able to turn on "Background restriction." Learn how to remove those apps from standby mode. If the malware is somehow suppressing the power menu on your device, the best thing to do would be to power the phone off manually or perform a hard reset.