They questioned me for a long time but I was OK to get in. However, I’ve never flown from KSA to ISR. Important update, Israel has become friend of the UAE on August 2020. Do you know if I will have any consequences if I take the stickers away from my passport and then go to Israel again? I am planning to go to Lebanon this year – will they be able to tell from scanning my passport that I’ve been to Israel?? Ce n'est évidemment pas un pays, mais les randonneurs les plus ambitieux peuvent obtenir un tampon. Yes. je viens juste de voir que des pb de ce type pouvaient.. What is the best method/route to do so? At least that’s what they told me. **United Arab Emirates (Dubai): For some years already, the Israeli passport stamp has not been an issue on arrival in Dubai or Abu Dhabi. Fortunately, he was still allowed in. Did I have any problem? I have a question that might sound extremely stupid, but others can be in my situation. how can i get it? [...] autorisé, ils peuvent présenter le tampon d'entrée dans leur passeport, une fiche de résident temporaire, [...] un permis de travail ou un permis d'études. Hi Ilias, if you cross from Israel to Jordan via the bridge, you will need to arrange your Jordan visa in advance. Your email address will not be published. Estamos barajando la posibilidad de visitar Jerusalem, ya que estamos muy cerca. Dear Joan, Hello Joan, I am planning to go from Amman to Jerusalem through King Hussein Border Crossing and come back to Amman (flights will be a/r from Amman). Einen Tampon zu lange im Körper … So i will try to conceal that visa sheet as much as possible at the security check at Tel Aviv airport. Or i can just get to the border and do all the paperwork there? Your website is amazing really so helpful! Hey, I have several friends who have crossed the border to Israel multiple times and removed the sticker afterwards. Hi, I’m spending a couple of days in Tel Aviv before flying to Beirut via Greece. ***Sudan: A traveler reported (January 2020) that she had an Israeli visa occupying a full page and still, she managed to get her Sudan visa in Aswan, Egypt. Hi Hello, I have been traveling to Israel two years ago from Berlin for work (visiting customers, mainly universities) with a German passport and I DID have a complete check and got a very bad “evaluation” ( I mean, the yellow sticker starting with 5, I think) because I was a single women traveling to Israel. So they do know where you go. That’s the rule. If I fly from Tel Aviv to Aqaba, then Egypt, then Lebanon, will there be any evidence in my passport of having been in Israel? Israelis still stamped my passport at Ovda airport on December 2016. Thanks however if I only have an entry stamp but no exit stamp that will be suspicious too. Hey Mel! Visa, formalités en Israël et au Maroc. However, if you don’t want to risk it, you would need to fly from Amman to Tel Aviv. Attention, votre passeport ne doit pas être marqué par le tampon ou le visa de quelques pays. Le passeport biométrique est le seul passeport délivré depuis le 16 juin 2009. If I get a stamp at this border, I’ll lose my chance of getting a Iranian visa after. The Israel passport stamp is a hot topic when it comes to travelling in the Middle East. I have no israeli stamps in my passport, but I have the stickers from tel aviv airport and anotherone from allenby bridge on the back cover of my passport, does those count as stamps? I am travelling to Israel in November and using Abraham tours to have 3 da tour of Jordan. My question is, if I were to ask the border officials to not stamp my passport will they abide? I am not sure, however, about Algerian passport. What’s your thoughts on this? Monica there are many Israeli citizens also holding a dual citizenship with a European country, the US, Canada, Argentina, Brazil etc… they still visit israel as tourists but their Israeli citizenship will restrict them from the tax exemption. 17, 2019 AT 3:14 PM In March, there was some tension between both countries on Syrian territory, so that might explain why. Hi. hello i have a qwestion . The common issue people face is when they leave Jordan but don’t plan to come back, as then they only have 1 entry stamp, so it is clear that you actually entered from Israel . Cependant, il y a bien sûr un certain nombre de pays arabes qui préfèrent mourir que d’avoir des visiteurs avec un tampon israélien sur leurs passeports. Or do I toss out the Jordanian visa after I leave the country? Plus, I intend to go to South Africa after Iran and the flight from Teheran to Joburg is quite expensive that I did not want to purchase it unless I know for sure I can visit Iran. In fact, Israelis can even enter Tunisia, as there is an important Jewish community still living there. Même les autocollants de sécurité et les étiquettes sur les bagages ont déjà écourté le voyage de certains voyageurs. Can I simply ask them not to stamp both ways? You are an expat living in Dubai, so they know your type of profile, which is less suspicious. If you don’t have it – you will have to pay extra 17% (VAT) of the price you originally reserved). If you enter via Tel Aviv airport, they will never stamp it. If after means straight after and crossing by land be careful : if you enter through the Taba land border you won’t be able to go beyond Sinai. any specific tour operator who can facilitate us? I was not able to see it what they were doing. Both events occurred in 2016. They asked me also about my religion (i’m christian). In the end, it was just a waste of time. Yeah, you should ask beforehand but I just was informed by a traveler that, even at Wadi Arabia, they stamped it on the way back to Israel. Secondly, once you acquired permission, you need to apply for a tourism visa to Israel in the nearest Israeli consulate to you (no Israeli consulates in Pakistan, as there are no diplomatic relations). Français : Passeport israélien. Will this be a problem when visiting Israel? Must hv onward journey visa. I was also an expat living in Dubai for 3 years and, when I traveled to Israel, I also had several Omani stamps, Egypt, Lebanon etc. It is definitely a problem. Required fields are marked *. thanks for confirming, it starts to get confusing after a while! Hi Rush, perhaps, if you do a layover you won’t get the stamp because you will go straight top transfers. Incide rally Jordanian border guards are the most arseholes ish I’ve came across in the Middle East, thr Saudi, Kuwait ones were all nice and the ones I met at Jo were the worst. Would you book Riyadh to Amman, stay for a couple of days while booking Amman to Tel Aviv, and then fly to ISR? I’m living here for 5 years and every time get a 5. I’ve traveled extensively throughout Israel on a previous passport with Israeli visa. Le ministère de la Santé de l'Autorité palestinienne a reconnu que des doses avaient été administrées à des ministres et à l'équipe de football palestinienne et non aux soignants. Your concern is also covered in the article. Vue de Jérusalem, capitale disputée entre Palestiniens et Israéliens. Now I have an additional stamp from Egypt. I am an arab with a muslim background. I don’t know about the full page working visa because I have never lived or worked there . If it does specify that we’ve come from Israel it would cause us major problems later in our trip. wich is trick question to see your response. This is one of the most frequently asked questions. Nous partons dans 10 jours pour israel, mais voila l'ami de ma soeur a un tampon marocain sur son passeport, ceci ne va pas poser probleme? Recette : le célèbre chou-fleur braisé d’Eyal Shani. I do not want them stamping an exit and entry because this will show that I went out of the country by land during my stay. thank you, Hi Eli, I am not sure about visas… This post is more aimed at people who travel to Israel, hence they may get a stamp. This means I would only have entry stamp of Jordan. There should be no problem. Now my issue is ,I am travelling back to Dubai under tourist visa. no problems in Tunisia, really ! Allow me to ask a few questions just to clarify. „Wir hatten damals keine Lobby“ „Als das Gesetz damals verabschiedet wurde, saßen 36 Frauen als Abgeordnete im Bundestag. just to add one information, for many countries (like India), citizen of which require a pre-approved visa to enter Israel (even for tourism), there is no option of getting rid of the visa stamp in your passport. I mean check bags behind curtains. Les champs obligatoires sont indiqués avec *. Do you think a rejection in Israel is highly probable? You can expect to be asked a lot of questions, and you must answer them all truthfully and politely, no matter how silly they seem. But Taba border is the landborder with Israel right? That’s it. Hello, Instead, they give you a card containing all your personal information. You should contact the embassy. Where did you come from? Keep it just in case. Ahssi, if you come through the airport you won’t get stamped, regardless of your religion. Hi, in Israel there’s a huuge Muslim community living, so they are used to deal with Muslim people. Why do you go to Middle east (I travelled all around the wolrd but they focus only about that :P). Solution: Travel to Lebanon first and then to Jordan and Israel. I will be visiting Dubai and Kuwait afterwards (I will not be able to visit them before Jerusalem). Or are you planning to come back to Jordan through the same border and exit through Saudi overland? Hi Joan, I think you may overlooked that Ovda airport is located inside a military base, hence the reason for seeing troops and Merkava tanks around it. YES! I was interrogated for almost 10 hours. Thanks. That’s why i found your article because I’m coming back to the Middle east and i wanted to see in which country i can’t go with this shitty passport. Cheers! Should I just say that I’m planning to go to Beirut after my trip in Tel Aviv if they ask me about my itinerary? I am actually very surprised to hear it! I misplaced mine once and even though I was a foreigner I still had to pay the very hefty local tax. 9. I am not sure about it. Aller en Israël avec un tampon du Maroc? However my question is regarding the stamping. Ever. I’m a bit concerned regarding people being sent away in the past. Do you think, that when I ask on a border, Jordanians will not stamp my passport both on entry and exit crossing? When I crossed the border, I asked the Jordanians not to stamp it and they didn’t and I know many travelers who also didn’t get the stamp, but you need to make sure to ask for it. Would that work or will Jordan require a passport with an exit stamp when HEB first flies into Jordan? So I have King Hussein border crossing stamps in my passport. I would like to ask if you have problem travelling to Jordan if you have travel in Israel before. Und das bis heute. Hello Joan Just go visit what you intend, don’t talk about politics or Palestinians, common sence, enjoy the food, very good wines, party if you wish, people are nice generally and keep the pictures to monuments and yourself. Read: A travel guide to PalestineA travel guide to the Gaza Strip. My passport had a stamp from UAE at that time. When I left, before heading to the boarding gate, they just interrogated me for 20-30 minutes, like everyone else. It all depends on the questioning I believe…. I was wondering if I should travel maybe with my Hungarian passport becasue that only has my US entries included mainly, but decided to keep to the German, maybe that would be confusing for the Israelis, if they somehow see I have several passports. I live in Israel for 33 years, only left it once to see where my gradparents’ family were murdered in Polland. Therefore, in order to navigate safely, you should use a VPN. Exit is always a 20 -30 minute interview, and many stickers on your passport, green & yellow, one per security level cleared. The Jordans stamp your passport, of course, if you don’t tell them not to. Hi Joan, I have a question, do you mean that if I have the border card and I enter overland from Jordan (let say, King Hussein Bridge), then there is no need to apply for Israeli visa?? Actualités dans l'univers de l’impression au tampon. (Or should he use his other U.S. Hello, thanks for tour guides they are vert usefull (and sorry for my english) But thank you for the info, I will add it in the post as extra measure. With the entry stamp i am screwed entering in Beirut…. Some other people waiting in room for the same kind of reasons had to unlock their phones and show their social media accounts. They stamped our passport without asking us if we preferred the extra card (and we did not really have the opportunity to tell them either as they kept our passport in their office during the time we waited at the border control). Hi! And also, did they find anything when they checked your navigation history, or is there anything else you know that may be relevant? In your article, you mention that how to avoid a Jordanian stamp shows that you have been to Israel,but what about the opposite direction? Most people can get a tourist visa free for 30 days. May I ask why did you land at that airport? Yes, I would be happy to send you a picture. I didn’t know you could ask them not to. A l’aide de ce dernier, la pièce à imprimer est amenée sur tampon cylindrique puis pivotée sur elle-même (à 360 degrés) au moyen du tampon cylindrique en rotation. Der Tampon sollte ziemlich einfach entfernt werden können. However, make sure they do it, just to be on the safe side. I am worried some smart custom officers from those countries which have issues with people visiting Isreal may work out I visited Isreal from the two Turkish exit and entry stamps. Hi Nish, I don’t think you will have any problem, as you will not technically enter Saudi. Thanks! You MAY be subjected to a lot of questions, and you just as well may be not. You go through Taba border crossing to Egypt. Der Tampon wird aus einem etwa 250 mm langen und 50 mm breiten Viskose-Watte-Streifen plus umgelegten und zugeknoteten Rückholfaden produziert.Als Rohmaterial wird die Viskosewatte zugeführt, welche sich auf eine Rolle (Bobine) mit einem Außendurchmesser von etwa einem Meter befindet, sowie der Rückholfaden, der auf einer in der Textilindustrie üblichen Spule aufgewickelt ist. The fact is that I followed some of these conversations and I was very surprised by the large amount of bullshit and misleading information that some people tell. When I traveled to Israel for the first time, I had visas and stamps from Lebanon, Iraq, UAE, Pakistan, and Oman. Without those 4 stamps I should be fine going to Beirut from Cyprus or Istanbul. L’AP donne des vaccins destinés aux soignants à son personnel et aux footballers. Botschko est une tentative pour repenser la place d’Eretz-Israël dans la pensée juive et pour rappeler les impératifs de l’obligation religieuse de contribuer activement à la reconstruction du … I havn’t do anything bad (i’m not an anti israeli activist for example). Let me stop you by to discuss using the so called ”Israel” I have been always one of your followers and I appreciate your hard work reviewing the truth and spreading the real face of things around. Ana. – i’ll cross the border overland to israel Very soon many countries will join the international approval of the Jewish state, including the UAE, Baharain and probably Saudi Arabia too, which will probably cause Israel’s “eternal” enemies to do so as well (Lebanon, Syria, Iraq). Unfortunately I studied under a program in Jordan that needed visa renewal, so we had to show evidence of re-entry into Jordan, and the group that I was with chose to travel to Israel via the King Hussein bridge crossing. Alquilaremos un coche para nuestro recorrido por Jordania. Si vous allez jusqu'au pôle Sud, vous méritez un tampon sur votre passeport. Your email address will not be published. We’ve been hearing a lot of rumours of Israel starting to stamp passports again since 2020. I didn’t mention, my passport is italian. You see a civilian couple in the streets, but the male has a gun? If I had nothing to hide, I would definitely try. Someone told me that being at the border in that situation is preferable since I can easily re-enter Jordan, while at the airport is somehow more “traumatic”. Hey there, you will just get a regular Egypt stamp, so no problem at all. But is it possible to another country with Bangladeshi passport? i didn’t get the point: do they put the entry stamp in the passport even if i ask not to do that? Hope someone can enlighten me. If I enter Israel from King Hussein Bridge, will Jordan stamp my passport? Den Zeigefinger platzierst du am Ende des Tampons (dort, wo das Bändchen befestigt ist). I recommend you take at least a photo of it to show it in case you don’t find it on you. Israel Passport Stamp. I don’t want to unlock my phone, so maybe I’ll give it to a person of confidence in Amman (at my hotel for example) make a 3-day trip to Jerusalem and pick it back. I found it extremely helpful. Not sure if it applies to all nationalities but Iran government may be working in a similar way as Israelis to attract more tourists by reducing their inconvenience after visiting Iran. If you are planning to travel to any of those countries you should make a new passport. Hello , im planning to travel to Israel, from Cairo to Tel Aviv by Air, will the immigration stamp my passport? I am having a clinical clerkship in a hospital in Beirut for a month during summer. explain to me . These are some of Israel’s worse enemies. I’m planning a trip to Tunisia. How did you get them? After my clerkship I want to go to Jordan and then Israel. how can we avoid stamps on our passport? Read: Jordan-Israel border crossing: Ultimate guide. Does Israel stamp passports?Entering Israel via Jordan – Problems and how to avoid themCan I visit Israel with an Arab stamp?Can you visit Israel after Iran?Which countries ban Israeli passport stamps?I have been Israel but I have a new passportWhich Muslim countries can you travel with an Israeli passport stamp? Husband has several passports including one with a Saudi work visa. Führe nun den Tampon zu deiner Scheide. C'est le cas par exemple pour l' Israël, … I went to Israel in 2015 but have renewed my passport this year. Tambien un poco para eludir el tema del conflicto sello de Israel vs paises musulmanes? Then after 10 hours, they denied my visa and I couldn’t enter. I think that this is all that you need to know regarding Israeli stamps. Thanks much for your information they are really helpful. Happened to my colleague (Australian) when leaving Israel last month. how can i send the image to you . Don’t lie, they use techniques to catch you, repeating the same questions in different ways, facial expressions, odd ones like do you know your date of birth? Therefore, how could they possibly exchange any sort of information, especially tourism information? I was really scared of the situation regarding Q2, because when I called one of the five-star hotels in Jerusalem to ask about Q3 (since I had no idea who to ask and that was my best bet to get a reply in decent English), the concierge immediately changed his attitude and hang up as if he was talking to a political criminal. I am planning to fly from France to Tel Aviv and then cross in Aqaba into Jordann, and pursue my trip towards Syria and Lebanon after. Israel embassy gives a visa pasted in your passport. At the two other borders, you must ask for it before giving them your passport. Thanks, Most Western nationalities don’t need a visa. They have new technological systems that detect stress and lies. I was coming from Brussels, nothing in my papers stated I was going to Canada. Regarding Saudi Arabia, I have multiple dual page Israeli student visas in my US passport. I asked them not to at both locations and they did it anyway. Da Tampons nicht nur Blut aufsaugen, sondern auch das Scheidensekret, können ausgetrocknete Schleimhäute eine häufige Folge sein. From Eritrea to Sudan, Syria, and Pakistan, Joan Torres has been traveling to some of the most off the beaten track destinations on Earth since 2014. I’m french and i had troubles in the Israeli boarders because of my arabic stamps. The Israeli passport is a travel document issued to Israeli citizens to enable them to travel outside Israel, and entitles the bearer to the protection of Israel's consular officials overseas. You can read it here. If you have any further questions, please leave a comment below. Yes, unfortunately, if you enter/exit Jordan overland, the Jordanian stamp says, very loudly, that you spent your holidays in Israel because the stamp would mention the name of that border. You made clear the question. FYI, Iran visa now is given as a separate sheet of paper (e-visa, as they call it). As I mentioned before, my husband, who is a dual U.S. /Israeli citizen arrived in Israel with no problem. Will Israel stamp my passport? Manchmal bleiben Tampons aufgrund von körperlicher Betätigung oder aus anderen Gründen stecken. עברית: דרכון ישראלי. I have read there are a number of countries which don’t stamp anymore. I would like to visit Lebanon, but will they know—because I have the Taba exit stamp—I’ve been to Israel? The rental places and hotels also ask for it because that is the only way to avoid paying tax. Thanks. Hi, I was wondering if you knew whether it is possible to travel to Egypt after visiting Israel, and vice versa? If you have been in Lebanon just for a short holiday, there shouldn’t be any problem but again, reports are very welcome. Security is at a whole diferent level, and done by very young people in military service age, so you will find troops in the street like on TV, including Merkava tanks on the road side, as well as other ununiformed clearly carying a gun under t-shirts. He will then enter and exit Israel with his Israeli passport. I want your visitors to know that they should be proud to have an Israeli stamp in their passport, and the countries who see this stamp as a problem should be ashamed. I just gave out a few examples. Would those two stickers create problem if I go to Tunisia for work? Ce tampon de passeport est tout simplement adorable.