The incident comes as Lebanon struggles with a crippling economic crisis and awaits the verdict from an international tribunal probing the 2005 assassination of ex-prime minister Rafic Hariri. Video, The man who filmed his ordeal under rubble, Courtroom escape sends police officer flying. ", "Beirut explosion updates: Massive blast rocks Lebanese capital", "Like an earthquake': Huge explosion rips through Beirut captured on video", "Beirut explosion rocks Lebanon's capital city", "Beirut's residents describe apocalyptic scenes after explosion rocks city", "Devastating: the terrible aftermath of the Beirut explosion", "Port officials under house arrest after Beirut blast", "Preliminary yield estimation of the 2020 Beirut explosion using video footage from social media", "What we know about the massive chemical explosion in Beirut", "Satellite Images Show Aftermath Of Beirut Blast", "Massive blast in Beirut kills at least 10, sending shockwaves across city", "Lebanon: Beirut Explosion. [44][45] On arrival the fire crew reported there was "something wrong" as the fire was huge and produced "a crazy sound". "For sure we were scared... it's only been a month since the explosion that destroyed Beirut. [65], Warehouses in the port were used to store explosives and chemicals including nitrates, common components of fertilizers and explosives. George Kettaneh told LBCI TV by telephone that the Red Cross was coordinating with the health ministry for morgues to take victims because hospitals were overwhelmed. We Found It", "Ammonium nitrate sold by ton as U.S. regulation is stymied", "العقيد جوزيف سكاف طالب بإبعاد الحمولة عن مرفأ بيروت نظراً لخطورتها", "In a horrific instant, a burst of power that ravaged Beirut", "Fireworks were stored in same Beirut warehouse as ammonium nitrate – report", "How Beirut firefighters were sent into disaster", "Beirut explosion: The story of Platoon Five", "Deadly Explosions Shatter Beirut, Lebanon", "From sea to mountain: How a massive explosion left a trail of destruction across Beirut and beyond", "What Footage of the Beirut Explosion Tells Us About the Blast", "Massive Beirut Port Blast Kills Over 100, Leaves Thousands Wounded", "M 3.3 Explosion – 1 km ENE of Beirut, Lebanon", "Here's what the videos of the Beirut blast tell us about the explosion", "Shocking videos capture massive explosion that rocked the Lebanese capital of Beirut", "What is ammonium nitrate and what happens when it explodes? [176] The investigation is to examine whether the explosion was an accident or due to negligence, and if it was caused by a bomb or another external interference. Shops, bars and restaurants in the nearby Mar Mikhael and Gemmayzeh districts were strewn with debris with security forces out in full. Health Minister Hamad Hassan described the incident as "a disaster in every sense of the word", and warned that the death toll was likely to rise. The palace had been restored over a twenty-year period following the, 4K footage of Lebanon explosion shows Beirut Port blast unfolding in slow motion, Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization, Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation International, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, Detailed 0.5 m satellite imagery of explosion aftermath, Beirut–Rafic Hariri International Airport, International Charter on Space and Major Disasters, long history of industrial disasters globally, "Lebanon's government 'to resign over blast, "Beirut Explosion Generates Seismic Waves Equivalent Of A Magnitude 3.3 Earthquake", "Many injured as large blast rocks Beirut", "Beirut explosion 'one of the largest non-nuclear blasts in history, "Second day of protests as anger over Beirut explosion grows: Live", "Clashes Erupt in Beirut at Blast Protest as Lebanon's Anger Boils Over", "Lebanon protesters storm ministries as violent protests grip Beirut", "Beirut explosion shatters windows across Lebanese capital", "Crisis hits Lebanon's hospitals, among the best in Mideast", "Hundreds wounded as huge blast rips through Lebanon's Beirut", "What is the Port of Beirut? [184] On 12 August, Lebanon's caretaker Justice Minister Marie-Claude Najm commented on the investigation by saying: "Much of the criticism is warranted due to the slow pace of work and some politicisation, but this case is a chance for the Lebanese judiciary to prove they can do their jobs and win back the confidence of the people". .css-8h1dth-Link{font-family:ReithSans,Helvetica,Arial,freesans,sans-serif;font-weight:700;-webkit-text-decoration:none;text-decoration:none;color:#FFFFFF;}.css-8h1dth-Link:hover,.css-8h1dth-Link:focus{-webkit-text-decoration:underline;text-decoration:underline;}Read about our approach to external linking. [174] Doors and windows were destroyed, and ceiling tiles were shaken loose by the shockwave, severing electrical wires. Turkey, Qatar and France all offered to send aid and help to the country while the powerful Hezbollah movement urged rival political factions to unite and overcome the "painful catastrophe". Bordered to the south by Israel, which is an enemy state, and war-wracked Syria to the east, Lebanon relies heavily on its port for imports. [45] Nazar Najarian, the secretary-general of the Kataeb Party, died after suffering severe head injuries. Despite assurances from officials on Thursday that the situation was under control, some residents, still traumatised by last month's explosion, drove out of the city. [175], The government formed an investigation committee led by Prime Minister Hassan Diab, which will submit its findings to the Council of Ministers of Lebanon by 11 August. [122], All ten members of Platoon 5 died at the scene of the blast. Covid-19 deaths near one million worldwide, Quick Covid-19 test to roll out in 133 nations, Robots in a flat - tech tested for assisted living. [129][130][131][132] Homes as far as 10 kilometers (6 miles) away were damaged by the blast,[9] and up to 300,000 people were left homeless by the explosion. [177] President Aoun rejected calls for an international probe despite demands from world leaders. US 2020 election: Can Trump release his tax returns? [230] There was also backlash inside Lebanon against the Israeli gesture. [78][79] Foreigners from at least 22 countries were among the casualties. Video, Belarus police drag protest icon, 73, into van, The man who filmed his ordeal under rubble. [204] President Aoun said the government would provide support to displaced people, and the Ministry of Health would meet the expense of treatment for the wounded. Despite the damage, flights continued. [146] Embassies in and around Beirut reported varying degrees of damage to their buildings; the embassies of Argentina,[147] Australia,[148] Finland,[149] Cyprus,[133] and the Netherlands,[104] which were close to the blast, sustained heavy damage, while minor damage was reported from the South Korean,[150] Hungarian,[151] Kazakh,[152] Russian,[152] Bulgarian,[153] Romanian,[154] and Turkish[155] embassies. [199][200][201][202], Prime Minister Hassan Diab announced that 5 August, the day after the explosions, would be a national day of mourning. [52][53] The orange-red colour of the smoke was caused by nitrogen dioxide, a byproduct of ammonium nitrate decomposition. One employee died and two were severely injured. [36][29] Lawyers argued for the crew's repatriation on compassionate grounds, because of the danger posed by the cargo still aboard the ship, and an Urgent Matters judge in Beirut allowed them to return home. [197], In the first week after the explosion, civilians gathered in hundreds to volunteer to clean up the debris on the streets and inside homes and businesses in Gemmayze, Achrafieh, and Karantina neighborhoods. Representatives of Achrafieh's Hotel Dieu Hospital told LBC it was at full capacity after receiving 500 injured. [76] A port worker said Warehouse 12 was "not in regular use", and that "those in charge only used to open the warehouse to stack inside it materials confiscated upon judicial orders or perilous products", though he had not seen this to include any armaments. [120] AIS from these ships stopped broadcasting at the time of the explosion. Footage from the daily star office now in Lebanon Michel Najjar, the public works minister with the outgoing government, told local media outlets that initial indications suggested the blaze was started by repair work at the port. [249] On 10 September 2020, a large fire erupted in a cooking oil warehouse and food parcels belonging to the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC),[250] then spread to a stock of rubber tires in the port's duty-free zone. But he said full details on what happened would not be clear until a "comprehensive study" had been completed. "The capital's hospitals are all filled with wounded people," he said. [39], Customs officials had sent letters to judges requesting a resolution to the issue of the confiscated cargo, proposing that the ammonium nitrate be either exported, given to the army, or sold to the private Lebanese Explosives Company. No injuries were reported and the cause of the fire is not yet known. [136] Approximately ninety percent of the hotels in the city were damaged and three hospitals completely destroyed, while two more suffered damage. [212][213] On 8 August, Diab called for early elections, saying it would be the only way for the country to exit the crisis. [157][158][159] The ship capsized overnight. The Al Jadeed TV channel reported that the Kazakh ambassador was wounded. [251][252] Following black smoke rising above the city's skyline, panic broke out due to the fear of another explosion, and motivated people to flee the city. The MV Hascosay, a freight boat that used to serve with Northlink on the Orkney/Shetland run, was sold in 2010 and renamed the Abou Karim I. [9] In addition, the COVID-19 pandemic had overwhelmed many of the country's hospitals, several of which already were short of medical supplies and unable to pay staff due to a financial crisis. [219], Representatives of multiple countries and the United Nations (UN),[119][220] offered condolences. [14] The port included four basins, sixteen quays, twelve warehouses,[14] a large container terminal,[15] and grain silos with a total capacity of 120,000 tonnes that served as a strategic reserve of cereals for the country. [4] Within the port area, the explosion destroyed a section of shoreline and left a crater roughly 124 m (407 ft) in diameter and 43 m (141 ft) in depth. Some didn't like what they found. [17][34]Creditors also obtained three arrest warrants against the ship. The captain, Boris Prokoshev, wrote that Grechushkin had told him he had gone bankrupt, but noted that he did not believe Grechushkin. [29] After inspection by port state control, the Rhosus was deemed unseaworthy, and was forbidden to set sail. No one will say", "Ammonium nitrate that exploded in Beirut bought for mining, Mozambican firm says", "Shipowner Linked to Hezbollah's Bank: Questions Swirl around the Cargo that Destroyed Beirut - DER SPIEGEL - International", "Crew kept hostages on a floating bomb – m/v Rhosus, Beirut", "Ekspert forklarer, hvad der sandsynligvis skete i Beirut", "De waarschuwingen in Beiroet waren er, maar de gedoemde lading bleef liggen", "Captain astonished that his ship delivered Beirut explosive", "Beirut's accidental cargo: how an unscheduled port visit led to disaster", "First pictures emerge of a Russian man whose ammonium nitrate cargo detonated in the port of Beirut", "Substanța care a provocat explozia din Beirut a fost adusă de nava unui rus sub pavilionul R. Moldova", "French defence minister visits Beirut to inspect military aid ship 'Thunder, The Disturbing Story Behind the Beirut Port Explosion, "Beirut blast: The Inferno and the Mystery Ship", "Captain Boris Prokoshev on Why Rhosus was in Beirut", "Rescue workers search rubble after deadly Beirut blast", "Toll expected to rise in blast that shook Beirut, killing 78 and injuring thousands", "Ship Cited in Beirut Blast Hasn't Sailed in 7 Years. [71] The failure to remove the materials from the warehouse and relocate them was attributed to mismanagement of the port, corruption of the government, and inaction of the flag registry's country and ship owner. The explosion was felt in Turkey, Syria, Israel, Palestine and parts of Europe, and was heard in Cyprus, more than 250 km (160 mi) away. I waited 15 minutes until running to my motor scooter and driving home. The economy of Lebanon was in a state of crisis before the explosions, with the government having defaulted on debt, the pound plunging, and a poverty rate that had risen past 50%. [181] Later, on 17 August, the incumbent director-general of Lebanon's customs authority Badri Daher was also arrested. [243] Large quantities of the compound were removed from storage in Egypt, India, Romania, and Senegal. But you're not white...', Belarus police drag protest icon, 73, into van. Wounded and shocked people have been flooding to Beirut's hospitals. [193] A temporary hospital was established in the city by the Iranian Red Crescent Society. Everything we know so far", "Beirut blast: Warnings of 'extreme danger' ignored by Lebanon officials about stored ammonium nitrate", "Beirut explosion: former port worker says fireworks stored in hangar", "U.S.