Although many photographers enjoy vignetting in portraits or even add dim corners in-post, it might be an issue for professionals since you can lose some slight detail due to the underexposure. On the other hand, it can create an interesting effect if you let the sun/other lights shine from the side where only half of the face would be illuminated while the rest underlies a shadow. Wide open it shows as expected, more cat eyes than an f2 class lens stopped down. But especially indoors or in smaller rooms, this focal length will benefit a lot, giving you another perspective than a short telephoto lens. do not seem to be able to characterise or describe anything about how a lens transitions to less sharp areas of lenses, except in blunt terms (“softer”, “weaker”, etc), and “see for yourself”. For everyone from landscape professionals to those who want to just dabble in wide-angle photography, this Sony Zeiss FE 16-35mm f/4 is one of best FE-mount lenses: impressive sharpness, fast focusing, reasonable levels of distortion, and a weather-sealed build for protection from the elements. Distinguished by its constant f/2.8 maximum aperture, this Sony FE 16-35mm f/2.8 GM lens offers consistent performance throughout the zoom range and benefits working in low-light conditions. Furthermore, it is fully weatherproof, which is a big plus for street photographers aiming to capture portraits.The lens comes with a switch to chose between auto & manual focus and also features a customizable function button. Despite the lack of image stabilization, the lens has only minimal optical flaws. If you manage to find topics that the other person is passionate about the atmosphere of your portraits will be more natural. Particularly for outdoor portrait photographers, weather sealing would make outdoor usage less risky. Remember that portraits make use of shallow depth of fields whereas the background is out of focus anyway. It was a revolutionary lens in it’s day but today it is a little hard to recommend unless having a f/1.2 lens is very important to you. Good lens as well, just a little heavier. Bright f/2 maximum aperture benefits working in low-light conditions and also offers control over the focus position when using selective focus or shallow depth of field techniques. AF isn’t the fastest. Hi, Does anyone try Tokina atx-m 85mm f1.8 FE? I never heard of broken samples due to bad quality (In contrast to the Samyang 2.8/14) but the build quality still feels not great. Outstanding Sharpness (Outperforms Zeiss Batis 85mm F1.8), Versatile Focal Length for Portrait Photography, Good Sharpness from Edge to Edge between F1.8-16, Outstanding Bokeh due to Apodization Filter, Premium Build Quality & Fully Weather Sealed, Focus Limitor Switch for improved AF performance, Sensor size also affects your depth of field, Internal or external zoom design? An extra review would be great. Thankyou for a quick comparison, it’s helpful. For those who frequently shoot macro photography and close-up portraits, the Sony 90mm f/2.8 is the very right lens: excellent sharpness, depth of field, and color rendition. suggestion for “adapted AF lenses”: Canon EF 1,8 / 85 : quite cheap, even new – at least, if an adapter is already in house. Compared to Sony Zeiss FE 55mm f/1.8, it has better low light performance and bokeh: excellent image quality, superb sharpness, smooth bokeh and well built. It has Pretty bokeh. what about the Canon FD 85mm 1.8? Its ultra-wide 12-24mm range features cutting-edge refinements for stunning corner-to-corner G Lens resolution at all apertures, while quiet, fast, precise autofocus make it ideal for movies as well as stills. And it’s an okay solution for those on a budget. Its lighter and despite manual focus its charm to use. Excellent CA control, but not quite as good as Batis 135. This lens is very sharp, most optical errors are well corrected and it offers a maximum magnification of 1:4. The 70-200mm f/2.8 GM OSS is a heavy-duty lens for professional photographers looking to get the most out of their a7 camera. I assume your mistrust is based on something concrete…or a personal “trust measuring system” you can share so we, as your readers, can apply that same measuring stock to your posts and this site as well. There are so many lenses on this range, that it’s even hard to cover all the possible favorites of everyone, or be fair to make great portrait lenses, especially old. At f/2.8 it is sharp across the frame with pleasant bokeh, vignetting is present but not really a problem. You could shoot portraits with any focal length, right? Full List of Recommended Sony A7 Series Lenses, Portrait Lenses | Wide-angle Prime Lenses | Ultra Wide Angle Prime Lenses | Standard Zoom Lenses | Wide-angle Zoom Lenses | Telephoto Zoom Lenses | All-in-One Lenses | Macro Lenses | Cinema Lenses. At the same time, the lens produces exceptionally sharp images, even around the edges when shooting wide open.One downside of its design is that the filter decreases the amount of light that gets to the sensor, meaning that it might not be the best option when taking portraits in very dark rooms.Other than that, the Sona 100m F2.8 is the best Sony A7 lens for portrait photography at this focal length. I love my 55mm f/1.2 for portraits but can’t find any information on the 85mm/1.8 . When using the lens on an A7III, you will be surprised how light it is, as it only weighs 200g/7oz. Your email address will not be published. Sony FE 24-70mm f/4 ZA OSS ($1,098): If you can’t afford the FE 24-70mm f/2.8 GM lens, the FE 24-70mm f/4 ZA OSS lens will be a great choice for you! Debuting the world’s first 1.8 wide-angle lens, the 14mm F1.8 Art incorporates the same groundbreaking aspherical element as Sigma’s critically acclaimed 12-24mm F4 Art. Small size and weight, average built quality. I guess you are talking about the AF-S 105mm 1.4G? Determining image quality is quite hard and also subjective. Designed as the ultimate portrait lens, the new Sony FE 85mm F1.4 GM telephoto prime lens strikes a perfect balance between resolution and bokeh in a compact package. Unlike most other review sites we have no association with any lens manufacturer apart from occasionally loaning a lens for a review. Miguel Quiles “Shooting Portraits Wide Open vs Stopping Down Part 2” I have access to some pretty special glass which I never take with me, so it’s my dogs and those who live nearby who get photographed with that. Using manual focus for portraits requires some skill and won’t work for any subject, but you can save a lot of money or get special lenses if it works for you. Check out this article for a more detailed overview on how the focal length affects the shape of the face. Now you can join the facebook group to share your photography and advice, ask and answer questions that arise and help each others! I also like manual lenses. Still in use. Sony FE 400mm f/2.8 GM OSS ($11,998): Combining a super telephoto length, bright aperture, and lightweight design, this FE 400mm f/2.8 GM OSS Lens for Sony E-mount cameras is ideal for sports, wildlife, and nature photographers. It has brutal resolution with lower contrast. But it is on the list of lenses I would like to review if someone would be willing to part with it and send it to me for a few weeks , Just go on my website and contact me directly . You can use any focal length you like, as long as you keep that distance. While the Sony FE 1.8/85 is a lot cheaper and and also very good, the Batis is somewhat sharper and more contrasty according to Roger Circala’s tests at Lensrentals, and handles flare a little better. Bokeh is very good but not as butterly smooth as GM 85mm 1.4 though. Excellent lens for landscape photography! How does the Voigtlander 110mm APO Macro do in the portrait category? Best Portrait lens under 300$  if you enjoy manual focus, Impressive Optical Performance at a slim price, Best Lens if you are working on a very tight budget, Good Sharpness, but soft Corners at F1.4 (gone by F/2), Great Sharpness from Edge to Edge, even at F1.8, Excellent Center Sharpness, soft corners at F1.8-F2.4, Optically, the  best 50mm Prime Lens in its price sector, Ideal focal length paired with excellent image quality & lightweight design, Great lens for indoor portrait photography or street photography, Superb Sharpness from Edge to Edge F1.4-F16, Best Portrait Lens in the Telephoto Sector, Best Bokeh Available but poor light gathering capabilities due to apodization filter, Superb Allrounder, offering the fastest aperture available at the 85mm focal length. I love these kinds of “user guides” or personal summery. The FD L is optically the same with one aperture blade less and coatings might be better. This lens also features fast, precise and quiet autofocus capabilities in both still and video shooting, making it an ideal complement for versatile shooting such as landscape, portrait, wedding and so on. This is a pretty large, heavy and expensive lens. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Wonderful closer up bokeh for sure, but the OM 2/100 had nicer bokeh for portraiture, I thought back then. AF with firmware V4: I cannot see; Samyang 85mm f1.4 FE, Laowa 105 f2, Laowa 100 f2.8 and Nikon portrait lenses in adapted lenses list. 310g + ~80g for the adapter | $120 | full review. Designed specifically for Sony full frame E-mount cameras, this new high speed prime combines advanced optical technology with a fast, quiet and precise auto focus system. BastianK, I have Samyang 135 / f2. We summarize our experience with all the native E-mount and a few legacy lenses in the 85-135mm bracket for the Sony a7 series to give you a compact and independent resource for choosing the best portrait lens for your needs. Cheers. Apart from the high weight and price the real issue is that these are hard to get repaired these days. A7: Best portrait lens? Here we list all the recommended lenses for Sony a7R IV, including landscapes, portraits, videos, street, macro, sports & wildlife. Here are the top rated Sony A7 series lenses. 1700g + tripod collar + adapter | $2500-5000 (used) | full Review | aperture series | sample images. The fast f/1.4 maximum aperture provides very effective low light capability and shallow depth of field control. Great portrait lens! I love the pop and color of lenses like the Zeiss Makro-Planar 2/100 (which I can get for 600 USD used + the price of an adapter), and the bonus of macro is great. Overall, the Sony FE 85mm F1.4 should be one of the first options to be considered if you are a professional portrait photographer, since it offers an ideal focal length and the fastes aperture available in the Sony lens setup. Has anybody of you tried the Nikon 85mm f1.4 AI-S? User-Guide to wide-angle lenses for Sony a7 a7ii a7rii, Backpack Review: Mindshift Gear Rotation 180° Horizon, Affordable manual lenses for the Sony Alpha 7,7r,7ii,7rii and 7s, Guide to the best 50mm Lenses for full frame Sony E-mount cameras: a7III/a7II/a7rIV/a7RIII/a9/A9II, Guide to best Sony E-Mount 35mm Lenses for a7III/a7II/a7rIV/a7RIII, Guide to the best Portrait Lenses – Sony a7 series,,,,,,, Sony FE lenses: A comprehensive and independent guide, Guide to Macro Lenses for the Sony a7 series, Beginner’s Guide to Manual Lenses on the Sony a7, Guide to Adapters for Manual Lenses on the Sony a7 series, The Guide to Canon FD lenses on the Sony a7 series, The rated List of Minolta MD/MC Lenses on the Sony a7, Superior bokeh rendering thanks to optimized optical design (less cat’s eyes compared to competition) and XA elements (no onion ring structures despite usage of aspherical elements), Slightly soft and gentle rendering at f/1.4, sharpens up considerably on stopping down to only f/1.6, Amazing contrast and resolution across frame stopped down, GM build quality with aperture ring and additional button, A bit big, heavy, quite expensive and not the fastest AF, Very high resolution and contrast already at maximum aperture (higher than Sony FE 85mm 1.4 GM), Bokeh not as smooth as Sony FE 85mm 1.4 GM and Sigma 105mm 1.4 Art, Bokeh is good but not excellent (especially compared to the FE 1.4/85 GM), Shows some purple fringing wide open in harsh light, One of the fastest focusing Sony lenses, ready for action photography, Almost no distortion, ok vignetting & LoCA correction, Small size and weight, great price/performace ratio.