It tended to take over an hour to go from zero to hundred percent, so it’s a relatively nippy charger at least. If you want to go swimming with the Realme Watch, well, you probably shouldn't. Again, the reliability of that data fared well against a dedicated heart rate chest strap monitor. The design is familiar, identifiable and makes it an easy sell to an audience that wants something similar to a premium product without spending top dollar. Apple’s hardware essentially set the standard for what a smartwatch should deliver, and it isn’t surprising to see the copycat design in the affordable, aspirational-buy category. It’s an app that really keeps to the basics. There are very few choices available in the sub-Rs 5,000 bracket and the Realme Watch S could be a worthwhile option for users dipping their toes in the smartwatch market. Pressing down on the watch face will serve up a handful of different watch faces with more available in Realme’s companion app. Dimensiones y peso. Realme Watch S Pro scores high in the design and display department. I do not have the means necessary to measure the efficacy of the data and, given the rest of the hardware’s performance, I wouldn’t take the results at face value. Pros Amazing battery life The well-received Mi Band 4 includes the feature as well. Swipe down to see notifications from both first and third party apps. Connected GPS will also let you track outdoor activities with the ability to view notifications and control music playback for smartwatch fans. The heart rate and SpO2 sensors are on the bottom, as are the pogo pins for the magnetic charging dock. The Realme Watch is an affordable fitness tracker that does a decent job at displaying notifications and little else. It features a 36.5mm case, measures in at 11.8mm thick and weighs just 31g. While menus and features launch without issue, there is some noticeable lag swiping through screens. You’re better off making sure you manually track those activities. Future US, Inc. 11 West 42nd Street, 15th Floor, Indoors, viewing angles hold up, but peak brightness is far too low to compensate for bright sunlight. It’s a supremely budget smartwatch that on the whole performs well, but you do have to make some compromises in design and performance that might persuade you to spend a little more money for a better all-round smartwatch experience. If you like this guide, do check out more awesome stuff here at Android, iPhone, Windows, and Mac tutorials and guides . Inside the box, you will find the Realme Smart Watch, a magnetic charging dock with a USB cable, and a user manual. The Realme Watch is a fitness tracker in a smartwatch body that does a solid enough job overall for the price. The Realme Watch is a smartwatch for anyone that wants those features you’d associate with a connected watch, but for a lot less money. I wouldn’t buy the Realme Watch if that’s a major buying criterion. 36.5 x 11.8 x 256 mm 31g Correa de 20 mm. One surprising feature to find is the SpO2 sensor, letting you take on the spot measurements of blood oxygen levels as another way to assess your current state of health and fitness. Visit our corporate site. It is important for smartwatches to have a good battery backup. Those measurement readings take around a minute to take and are stored in the Realme companion app. On the treadmill, you’re relying on the accelerometer to track distance. Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer, We check over 130 million products every day for the best prices, Xbox Series S is now a real threat to PS5, Amazon PS5 restock time: when and how to buy the 46,000 PS5 consoles, Xbox Series X restock date: Target, Walmart, Best Buy and GameStop – here's when, PS5 restock date: Target, Amazon, Best Buy and Walmart – here's when. If you increase the interval for reminders and the heart rate monitor, the watch should easily last a whole week. If you like the idea of a large-screen, affordable wearable to view notifications, this might cut it for that reason alone. The graph more or less matched up with what I measured alongside on my Fitbit Ionic. by Raxxx March 22, 2021. by Raxxx March 22, 2021 0 comment. It was designed to overcome the main limitations of conventional twisted nematic TFT displays: limited viewing angles and low-quality color reproduction. 9,999, competes with the Mi Watch Revolve and the new Amazfit GTR 2. ©2021 Android Authority | All Rights Reserved. This is among the most basic functions for a smart wearable and it’s a shame that the Realme Watch isn’t able to deliver a solid experience here. Realme Watch S IPS (In-Plane Switching) is a technology used for LCDs. The Fitbit Versa 2 is a solid option that can be found regularly on sale, too. The only way to capture this data is to trigger it manually. Aside from running and cycling modes, you can expect to just see heart rate, workout duration and calories burned in real time. It's a small statured watch that’s light to wear, but not too light to make it feel cheap. Swipe up and you'll find the main menu, which on the smartwatch front offers a decent amount. The Realme Watch comes with a large 3.5cm (1.4) color display, real-time heart rate monitor and SPO2 monitor would be available at 12 noon, June 5th and is priced at Rs. We tended to get closer to four days, maybe five at a stretch as opposed to anywhere near a full week. The company will be launching the new smartphone series via an online livestream. New York, For running and cycling, there’s no built-in GPS, but you can use your phone’s GPS to better track those outdoor activities. Intel declares war on AMD with demo of Tiger Lake 8-core laptop CPU gaming at 5GHz, Plasma TV: why Samsung and Panasonic ditched the technology for good. There’s a remote camera shutter mode and the ability to pull in weather forecasts when paired to your smartphone. 3,999 If you want more in the way of rewarding sports tracking, smartwatch features and slicker performance, then it’s definitely worth spending more to get that. The bigger issue with the screen is responsiveness. The Realme Watch design is a good dupe for the Apple Watch 6; The display is slow to respond The Realme Watch can withstand sweat and rain, but it isn’t a good choice for swimmers Finally, an alarm, stopwatch, and weather app round things off. The default watch face includes a weather widget at the top. I had to go back to the app ever so often to ensure that the pair were connected. Uniknya, perangkat yang mereka tawarkan memiliki harga yang terjangkau sehingga banyak orang yang bisa memilikinya. The Realme Watch isn’t a full-blown Wear OS smartwatch; instead, it is positioned as a step up from an entry-level fitness tracker. The only button, which doubles as a power switch and acts as a back key for user interface navigation, is on the right side of the watch. Unfortunately, it wasn’t something that worked all well for us, often taking it’s time to recognize when you’d started an exercise or activity. About this Realme Watch review: I wrote this Realme Watch review after spending a week with it. Your money would be well-spent on another product. If you have the heart-rate monitor on all the time, the battery backup gets reduced. The Realme Watch looks like a mix of an Apple Watch and a Fitbit Versa albeit with a notably more plastic design. Rather than a full-fledged smartwatch, the Realme Watch S Pro is a crossover. Should I buy it? These are still made from silicone , but offer up a few brighter colors to liven up the look. Realme has the bones of an affordable smartwatch in place with the Realme Watch, but it could do with a lot more polish before it is ready to make a dent in the budget segment. You also get some useful reminder features in the way of inactivity alerts and a nudge to drink some water to motivate you to keep up regular habits. But with the new Watch S, Realme has addressed many of these problems and put a Rs 4,999 price tag on the device. It runs a custom operating system and beyond the baked-in features, there is no provision to add additional apps. You can also switch things up in the watch face department. Realme Watch Review: Pros & Cons. The Realme Watch lets you control music playback on your phone and also acts as a remote shutter. It does mean it’s less suitable for jumping in the shower or getting a few lengths in with it. It does at least let you view some of that data on the watch as well as inside of the app. It features a 36.5mm case, measures in at 11.8mm thick and weighs just 31g. There are two side buttons for navigation and they offer solid clicky feedback. Here is my full review of the Realme Watch S. Pada tahun 2021 ini, perangkat AIoT yang baru saja ditawarkan oleh realme adalah sebuah jam tangan. Quick verdict: The realme Watch S isn’t the best fitness tracking watch, but it stands out for its affordable price point and exceptional battery life. Reviewing the Realme Watch, one of the best value budget smartwatches of 2020 costing just £50 in the UK. The SpO2 meter cannot be configured to automatically record or to record on a schedule, which basically makes the feature useless. No longer are they glorified pedometers; most standard fitness trackers nowadays can track your steps taken, distance traveled, caloric burn, and even your sleeping …. The accuracy of those features largely held up against a rival fitness tracker and a dedicated sleep tracker. The Realme Watch launched in May 2020 and is priced at £49.99 / $50 /AUS$169. Doing a side-by-side with my Fitbit, the watch was off by 10 steps over a 100 step period. After just a few days, the silicon strap started attracting sweat marks. The device has a nice circular display, nestled in a premium metallic body. Connectivity on the Realme Watch is inconsistent, and the inability to respond to notifications is disappointing. GPU restock fail: what's the point of releasing new graphics cards if nobody can actually buy them? Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. While my first unit refused to show the weather altogether, this was fixed on the second unit and proved to be a lot more reliable. In that it’s not very good. Realme does also include a power saving mode that strips the experience down to showing the time and battery status. Xiaomi's Mi Band 4 remains one of the most popular fitness trackers to date. There is a very thin black bezel surrounding it. You will receive a verification email shortly. If you want to push your data to other platforms and apps, Realme does let you do that, but right now that currently only stretches to Google Fit. Realme Watch S - The Review Master - Gadgets. You’ll find a snapshot of fitness data, which you can dig deeper to explore trends. You can expand and swipe through to read messages. Realme Watch Review: Design and Display. From the Workout screen, you can track outdoor runs, walks, indoor running, outdoor cycling and also the likes of cricket and yoga. The watch has a sporty feel to it and is comfortable to wear. They don’t feel the most luxurious of bands, but they’re fitting for a workout and are generally comfortable to wear. It is bright for indoors, even at low brightness levels (below 20%) and the icon placement is … There’s 24/7 activity tracking, a built-in heart rate monitor and even an SpO2 sensor. Performance and software We've found the heart rate tracking on the Realme Watch to be strong, so if you're after a cheaper way of monitoring your BPM this may be made for you. In fact, to get the watch started, you need to download the app through Google Play Store and connect Realme watch to it. And today, I have the Watch S which is the cheaper of the two. Sure, it doesn’t have a big screen like the Realme Watch, but it makes up for it with a feature layout that does what it promises and that’s worth a lot more than a larger display. The watch comes with a black silicone classic strap that can be removed to swap in one of Realme’s fashion bands. Realme Watch S Pro review: The more, the merrier Reviews The Realme Watch S Pro is another addition to a long list of basic smartwatches we saw in the recent years at accessible prices. The company could also launch a 5G variant of the Realme 8 Pro, but this has not been confirmed. It’s worth mentioning again, on my initial unit, activity tracking was completely broken and it didn’t track any distance. The break-up shows a clear demarcation between warm-ups, fat burn, aerobic, and anaerobic heart rate zones, but there is no way to see what your heart rate was in those zones. You can also check out our full review of the realme Watch S here. In fact, the watch won’t even let you reply to notifications. Realme Watch S Pro delivers on that expectation. On a full charge, the Realme Watch S Pro can last for days but that will depend on several things. They were accurate too, when compared to a pulse oximeter. Despite having a solid GPS-lock, the watch simply dropped off GPS tracking a few meters in. The initial unit supplied by Realme had major issues with connectivity and activity tracking. It can be at times slow to respond to swipes and taps and can be more of an issue when your digits get a little sweaty from a workout. Fitness Bottomline. Looking at the specs, it is definitely an upgrade from the first-gen Realme Watch, both in terms of looks and functionalities.Here, I’ll be sharing my entire experience with the Realme Watch S in this full review. Realme Watch is essentially a smart band that masquerades as a “Smart watch”. ₹9,999 at Flipkart. The quality of the included straps is mediocre, but the lightweight design of the watch stands out. Realme watch review: Realme Link App. There’s also the option to continuously monitor heart rate, letting you sample readings throughout the day from intervals ranging from 5 minutes all the way up to 30 minutes. The company sent a replacement for the sake of testing and the observations below reflect my time with both units. The Realme 8 series India launch has been scheduled for March 24th and customers can watch the event online starting 7:30 PM IST. Realme also has several easily swappable silicon and leather strap options priced at INR 499 and INR 999, respectively. The Realme Watch barely qualifies as a smartwatch and doesn’t do a reliable job at basic fitness tracking tasks. Swipe left and you’ll find a series of widgets dedicated to data like heart rate, recent sleep and your daily activity tracking stats. Let’s start with the basics. Well specced and stylishly designed, the watch … 1.4 pulgadas LCD Resolución 320x320. This time around, the … If you’re regularly using all of the key features like continuous heart rate monitoring, notification support and cranking up the screen brightness, that’s what you can expect to get. The glossy finish on the casing gives off the impression of something more expensive, but this is definitely a plastic affair. The Realme Smart Watch is priced at INR3,999 and is available to buy on Flipkart and Realme website. Pantalla. This is exactly the same as with the Realme Band. The heart-rate monitor stayed on during the course of a workout, but the app presents no way to see granular information other than zone-based data. It hasn’t shared details on processing power or memory, but what we can say about performance is that it’s not perfect. The premise is similar enough. A meditation mode also brings the similar kind of guided breathing exercise features we’ve already seen crop up on the Apple Watch and Google’s Wear OS watches among others. When you do run out of battery, Realme uses a puck-style charging cradle that clips onto the back of the device. While I managed to clock about 2,395 steps over a quick walk, the distance recorded was a mere 0.05 meters which was obviously incorrect. Perangkat tersebut bernama realme Watch S … Charging pins, heart rate sensor, and pulse oximeter sensors remain concealed at the bottom. The company then uneviled with the Watch S in November and the Watch S Pro.. We already reviewed the Realme Watch S and concluded that the smartwatch’s overall experience is a noticeable step up from the first-gen Watch. There was a problem. Realme Watch: Display Realme Watch sports a 1.4-inch touchscreen display with a 320 x 320 pixel resolution. This is however an option for Android phone owners only. For general exercise, it seems to do a decent job. Elsewhere, you’ll find dedicated apps to take SpO2 and heart rate readings, as well as to track previous activities and sleep data. Weighing a mere 31g, the Realme Watch packs a 160mAh battery that is rated to last up to seven days with heart rate tracking. The watch had a tendency to under-count steps. Release date and price The Realme watch has a minimal design rounded square dial with a single button on the left. For indoor viewing, there’s no visibility issues. You can control music playback on your phone, though not during exercise. Realme uses its own operating system, which is currently only fit to work when it’s paired up with an Android phone. Enter the Realme Watch, the company’s first attempt at a large-screen smartwatch at an affordable price point. Realme launched its first wearable dubbed Realme Band last March and followed it up with its first smartwatch called Realme Watch in May. It comes with an IP68 water resistance rating, which means it’s safe for withstanding some sweat or surviving you wearing it washing the dishes. Affordable fitness trackers are a dime and a dozen, and most Chinese smartphone brands have one in their arsenal. Tracking your health and fitness is what the Realme Watch does best and, for the money, it offers a fair amount as far as what it promises to record and monitor. Realme Watch is officially announced in May 2020. Sleep tracking is kept to the basics breaking down deep, light and REM sleep. No. It is nice to see that Gorilla Glass 3 is in place to toughen things up, though it’s disappointing to discover this doesn’t have an always-on display mode. Battery life Realme even found room to squeeze in automatic activity recognition support for running and walking, something you will also find on Fitbit and Samsung’s watches. Realme's second effort at smartwatches sees the brand get into a higher price zone with the Realme S Pro. That heart rate monitor can also be used for exercise too and is available to offer real-time readings and alerts that actually hold up well against a Polar heart rate chest strap. Does it cut the mustard or is it another dud like the Realme Band? My testing showed that to be right in line. For the price, the Realme Watch does give you a fair amount. I found it comfortable to wear both during the day and at night, which is relevant if sleep tracking functions are important to you. You can also buy additional bands in red, green and blue all at £10.50 / $14 / AUS$19. It’s less noticeable with a dark watch face on, but it’s disappointing to see that there’s not more screen to make use of here. Outdoor in bright sunlight, you’ll need to turn up the screen to full brightness to get the best viewing experience. Realme UK provided Android Headlines with a review unit of the Realme Watch S. This review was written after using the Watch S for more than 10 days with a Realme 7 smartphone. What I do like about the Realme Watch is its weight, or the lack thereof. With the local trail shuttered, my only recourse was to take the watch for a walk around the block. Affordable Sleep-tracking works as advertised, Poor fitness tracking Cannot reply to notifications The display is not visible outdoors. That companion app is known as Realme Link and is your place to review health and fitness data as well as customize watch settings. You don’t get a built-in music player, apps or payments here. That said, I would highly recommend looking elsewhere or for the next iteration. Like the Realme Band, the Realme Watch has connectivity issues. Sistema operativo. Please refresh the page and try again. REALME WATCH. The Realme Watch is well equipped for step tracking, sleep monitoring and continuous heart rate monitoring with a nice collection of watch faces and a streamlined app to show that data off. Unfortunately, it doesn’t quite work as advertised. The app allows you to change watchfaces, edit settings, update the firmware and a lot more. I can overlook the copious use of plastics in the Realme Watch for the price it commands, but the company definitely skimped on the strap materials. Realme also plans to roll out a software update to let you control smart home devices like speakers and lamps, but that’s only if you own Realme’s smart devices. Additionally, the distance tracked was completely wrong. The wearable barely cuts the mustard as a smartwatch and fitness tracker. The fitness-tracking functions of the Realme Watch were lackluster at best and often simply didn't work. It will track steps, distance covered, automatically monitor sleep, and record calorie burn. Though if you’re hoping it will be able to recognize when you break into cat pose, you’ll be sadly disappointed. Unlike Apple’s smartwatch, there’s the promise of a week’s worth of battery life and maybe more depending on how you use it. The company then uneviled with the Watch S in November and the Watch … The Realme Watch looks like a mix of an Apple Watch and a Fitbit Versa albeit with a notably more plastic design. Like many wrist-based sensors though, it struggled for accuracy during high intensity activity like indoor bike interval training and running intervals. With heart rate monitoring set to 24 hours, the battery dropped to about 30% over five days. Realme Watch S Pro Review. For outdoor workouts, the Realme Watch comes equipped with connected GPS. While you do get connected GPS, the sports tracking in general is pretty basic than what you get from a cheap sports watch that costs a little more. © The Realme Watch S Pro is a premium fitness tracker that offers a bright and vibrant display, a good selection of features, and great battery life. I won’t say much about it, but the design is highly inspired by the Apple Watch. The Realme Watch adopts the Apple Watch look in terms of design with a touchscreen display and swappable watch straps. TechRadar is part of Future US Inc, an international media group and leading digital publisher.