In the port of Larne, the challenges being faced offer useful lessons for the wider UK Many pro-British unionists fiercely oppose post-Brexit trade barriers introduced between Northern Ireland and Britain By VOA News Tue, 02/02/2021 - 03:23 PM Northern Ireland’s Rocky Brexit Start Stirs Local Tensions By . Posted 3 h hours ago Sun Sunday 4 Apr April 2021 at 2:15am, updated 3 h hours ago Sun Sunday 4 Apr April 2021 at 3:11am. virtually none). The recent violence, largely in loyalist, Protestant areas, has flared amid rising tensions over post-Brexit trade rules for Northern Ireland. Brexit protesters in Northern Ireland set cars alight, attack police. A post-Brexit regime that requires Northern Ireland to enforce EU rules on British goods arriving at its ports underscores loyalists’ sense that the nationalist side is gaining power and making gains at their expense. Dara Doyle. Ireland After Brexit . Northern Ireland backlash to Brexit fudge threatens the Union Distracted by Scotland, the Government ignores the toxic situation building up in the province at its peril “Loyalists have got left behind after the peace process. Der Brexit-Prozess hat begonnen - und nirgendwo werden die Folgen drastischer sein als an der irisch-nordirischen Grenze. For one, the Republic of Ireland will suddenly have to face the fact that the border to Northern Ireland will also be an "outer border" of the EU, requiring much more control, security, and paperwork than currently (i.e. and . Ireland will be the EU country, after the UK itself, most affected by the economic fall‐out from Brexit. Brexit Hören sie hier die Audio Aufnahme des Artikels: EU und Großbritannien bemühen sich um Lösung an Nordirlands Grenze Ihr Browser unterstützt die Wiedergabe von Audio Dateien nicht. Dominic Raab 'totally misunderstands' Northern Ireland Brexit terms, warns EU . The official withdrawal took place on January 31, 2020, and changes are likely to roll out over time. N Ireland sees 3rd night of unrest amid post-Brexit tensions. BREXIT is no excuse for the dramatic unrest that is shaking Northern Ireland for the seventh consecutive night, a Tory MP has said. Ireland’s economy took a double hit in January as the impact of renewed pandemic lockdowns was aggravated by post-Brexit trade chaos. The protests have been sparked largely by growing anger in loyalist communities about Brexit and the implementation of the Northern Ireland Protocol Brexit ‘not something to celebrate’, Ireland’s foreign minister says as UK completes EU exit. Accueil; Monde; Pourquoi l’accord post-Brexit pose problème en Irlande du Nord ? Northern Ireland has become a touchstone for Brexit Britain as trade barriers threaten wider disruption. We never managed to bind them in,” Powell told BBC Belfast radio Wednesday. Tempers fray in Northern Ireland over thorny Brexit protocol What is happening with Northern Ireland’s ports and how is this linked to Brexit? Brexit has created Scotch whisky import problems in Ireland as a number of retailers have reported experiencing difficulties obtaining Scotch whisky products as several UK distilleries and retailers have suspended sales to EU members following the UK's exit from the union. The UK's Brexit minister has said it is difficult to see how the NI Protocol can be "genuinely durable" without the consent of "all of the people" of NI. Joe Mayes. That’s the bit of the Brexit settlement that seeks to ensure there is no hard border, with customs checks and other trade barriers, on the island of Ireland. The European Union is suing the United Kingdom for delaying the next phase of Brexit border controls which effectively put a customs border down the … Seit Jahren wird viel geredet und gerechnet in Sachen Brexit. Das prägt auch die bilateralen Beziehungen mit Deutschland, bis hin zur Zusammenarbeit im Umgang mit Covid-19. Under the Brexit deal, Northern Ireland remains part of the EU customs area, effectively moving the border to the Irish Sea. Brexit Irland: Der Brexit und die Grenze. Why the Brexit-inspired violence in Northern Ireland is so difficult to resolve. News Northern Ireland: Protesters burn bus amid violence. Auch nach dem Brexit ist die EU in Irland so beliebt wie nirgendwo sonst. By Oliver Trapnell PUBLISHED: 06:09, Fri, Apr 9, 2021 Crowds in Belfast set a hijacked bus on fire with petrol bombs and hurled stones at police as unrest continued in the region. Abonnés. Brexit issue causes fresh setback for Currys/PC world customers in Ireland Cancellatin of orders blamed on Brexit-related issues Sat, Jan 23, 2021, 12:28 “People are playing with matches. Its agri‐food sector, in particular, has most to fear from the consequences of a disorderly or ‘no‐deal' Brexit. Brexit: Northern Ireland protocol problems 'foreseeable', says Arlene Foster Arlene Foster has been vociferous in opposition to the protocol's operation. Brexit has made a united Ireland more likely, the Scottish first minister Nicola Sturgeon has stated. Boris Johnson’s Brexit “betrayal” is one of the factors behind the violence in Northern Ireland, a Stormont minister has said..